Walmart’s Holiday Salute to Military Families #GivingTuesday

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Like many family out there, the military has been a part of my life.  I have several family members in the military, and growing up someone was always dedicating a piece of their life for our country.  Like many of you I have friends and family either on Active Duty or Retired some the military.  Growing up there was one man that was my everything, that I looked up to more than anyone else in the whole wide world, one man that taught me to stick up for myself, stand up for what I believe in, and one man that was a hero to more than just me – my daddy!

Growing up I was a daddy’s girl.  I wanted to do everything, and anything my dad did.  I would wake up super early every morning, I lived by the motto “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”, because my dad used to tell me that.  Lights out little solder, he would tell me at bedtime, lol.  I loved it when my dad was around, and when he wasn’t it was hard, very hard.   

Holiday Salute to Military Families Walmarts Holiday Salute to Military Families #GivingTuesday

In the spirit of the holidays I would like to shout out my appreciation to all the amazing men and women who have served, or are currently serving.  They are heroes, along with their families at home, and I’m really happy to be able to tell you about Walmart’s partnership with Operation Homefront and Fisher House to support military families nationwide in “Holiday Salute to Military Families”. 

The “Holiday Salute to Military Families” initiative arm not only those in the service, but veterans who keep our country safe, as well as the military families who act as our heroes at home. 

I remember when I was a little girl there was nothing better than having my family home for the holidays.  Not being able to spend Christmas with my father was hard, VERY hard, and it wasn’t hard just for me.  There was so many other people that missed him – my mom, my brother, my sisters, his brothers, his sisters, and everyone else.  The holidays were never happy unless dad was there. 

Christmas was truly the worst.  Normally we would wake up excited because Santa came.  After we raced into the living room to see what Santa had brought us, we would race into my mom and dad’s room, wake them up, lay in bed, look in our stockings, and play with our gifts.  It was the best!  When dad wasn’t there, it was sad.  We were excited about our gifts, but the spark wasn’t there because everyone missed dad.  People say you get used to not having your parent, or spouse on duty, but you don’t.  Knowing that what they are a hero doesn’t make it any easier to have them gone for months and months, and you never get used to them being gone.  Military families deal with a lot of heartache that people don’t see, and knowing that I can do something to help some of them get home for the holidays is such an amazing feeling. 

Did you know that according to research almost 50 percent of our nation’s active duty military members are parents, and many times spouses and children will stay at their home while their partner is deployed?  Unless you’re a military member, someone with a significant other that is currently deployed, or a child with a parent who is deployed it can be hard to imagine what they are faced with emotionally, and financially, especially during the holiday season.   Which is why the “Holiday Salute to Military Families”, and what they are trying to do is so amazing.

Walmarts Holiday Salute to Military Families GivingTuesday Walmarts Holiday Salute to Military Families #GivingTuesday

The “Holiday Salute to Military Families” hopes to ease these burdens with $2 million in grants for meals, lodging assistance, and toys to military families who are in the greatest need of support this year.  The donation will be do something unbelievable for hundreds of active duty service members!  The donation will help hundreds of active duty service members come home for the holidays to see their loved ones!  How amazing is that? 

Now it’s our turn to give back to the amazing hero’s!  Super thanks to Walmart’s grant, but now they need our help!  They are asking for a nationwide salute by all Americans to learn more about how you can salute military families this holiday season, visit Fisher House and Operation Homefront.  Be sure and Join in our Holiday Salute to Military Families.

Many of you already know December 3rd is Giving Tuesday!  Be sure to think about the “Holiday Salute to Military Families”!  

I’m also asking all of my amazing readers to please share this post!  Help me get the word out about the “Holiday Salute to Military Families”!  We want people to know about this, and know where they can find out more information!  So please hit the share buttons on the bottom of this post.  I will be sharing it on all my social networks often, and would very much appreciate your support!

You can Join in our Holiday Salute to Military Families, and learn more about this truly amazing opportuniyt to give back at Fisher House, and Operation Homefront.

 Walmarts Holiday Salute to Military Families #GivingTuesday

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  1. ANN*H says

    We often thank the military with words. It is always hard no matter what the time or season is. This is a wonderful thing to do to show our support and give back to them and their families. thanks so much

  2. Tina Le says

    What a fantastic way to give back to our military families. I love that you are posting this. Absolutely checking these links out!

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