Turn That Frown Upside Down – 10 Reasons I Smile

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Smiles are contagious, and smiles can impact others.  It’s also the first thing people see when they see you, and it’s one way that we can spread happiness to one another without little effort.  A smile goes a long way, and there is plenty of reasons I smile each and every day.

I remember, several years ago I was down in the dumps.  Nothing was going my way, I was broke, my boyfriend and I broke up, and just about everything that could go wrong, did.  That’s the way it works, as the old saying goes, “When it rains it pours.”  I used to be rather good at feeling sorry for myself, until I realized how much it didn’t help the situation.  I also learned, without the bad times we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good ones that make us smile uncontrollable.

Anyway, I was standing in line at the store, and I must have looked like I thought my life was horrible, because this man who was standing behind me put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was okay.  Of course I didn’t go into details, I didn’t know him.  He looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back.  That smile changed my attitude I started talking to him, joking around, and by the time I left the store I wasn’t focusing on how horrible my life was.

That man smiling at me made me start thinking about all the good things in my life, and I realized I was going to be okay.  Smiles are a powerful thing, and you never know how they will change a persons day, or life for that matter.  Since that day I have done my best to look at the brighter side of things, remain positive, and smile.  I still wonder if that man has any idea how much his smile did for me, and I have often wished I would see him again so I could tell him thank you.

1x1.trans Turn That Frown Upside Down   10 Reasons I Smile

Turn That Frown Upside Down – 10 Reasons I Smile

Sometimes all it takes is seeing someone else smile, and we can easily be reminded that our glass is half full, rather than half empty.  With that being said here’s my top 10 reasons for smiling every single day:

My Kids Make Me Smile – Even when the kids make me want to bang my head in the way, and I for a split second consider packing an overnight bag and sneaking out, I smile because I’m lucky to have them in life my.  Sure they stress me out, and their fighting drives me bonkers, but their hugs cannot be beat, and knowing that they smile every single day is enough to cause a grin from ear to ear.

My Husband Makes Me Smile – I know I am blessed, we have had our fair share of issues, but at the end of the day I know he loves me.  I know he would do anything for me, and I know that not everyone has that.  I smile because I know I am blessed.

I Smile Because I Want To Be In A Good Mood – That moment I start feeling sad, depressed, mad, or just down right unhappy I make myself smile.  It’s an easy way to elevate your mood, trick yourself, and the majority of the time I forget I was ever upset.

I Smile So Others Know I’m Approachable – Okay, so this is ONLY for the illusion, lol.  I want everyone to look at me and know I’m a friendly approachable person.  It’s not really for the illusion, lol I love talking to people, meeting new people, and spreading happiness.

I Smile To Burn Calories, I Think – I read somewhere long ago that if you were to smile for one hour you burn 17 calories.  I’m not sure how many you really burn, I have been smiling ever since, and not dropped a pound, but hey I feel happier, lol.  Even if it doesn’t burn calories it makes me feel better, and being happier and less stressed is great for any diet!

I Smile For The Endorphins – Yes, I love endorphins that make you happy.  Happy people don’t overreact too badly with their children, and husbands.  Smiling give you endorphins!

I Smile So I’m Not Stressed – Frowning doesn’t seem like much work, but it sure can help with the whole stress factor.  Smiling helps to relieve my stress, which helps me look happier, not so sleepy, or worn down!  Smiling makes me look healthier!

I Smile For Blood Pressure – I’m almost positive this is because of stress, lol.  Stress is so bad for us, and I used to be one stressed out person.  Smiling can help me feel not so stressed out.  When I smile I feel more confident in my abilities to hand life, and everything it tossed my way.

I Smile To Make Other’s Smile – Smiles are contagious, when I see someone smile at me I cannot help but smile back.  I always smile at people, 99% of the time I will get a smile in return, which makes me happy inside!  You never know what someone else is dealing with, they could be dealing with something big at home, be heartbroken, or upset for some reason.  Seeing someone smile at them could brighten their day, and make more of a difference than you’ll ever know.

I Smile To Help Me Stay Positive – Most importantly I want to look at my life as a glass of water that is half full rather than half empty.  I want to be able to feel confident in my abilities as a mother, business owner, and person who deals with life.  Smiling has always helped me stay positive, and rather than getting caught up in the OMG, my life is over stuff, I’m able to realize how incredibly lucky I am to have everything I have.

PLUS it’s the holidays season, and it’s the season to be jolly, and being jolly requires a smile!

Smiles are an important part of you, and typically the first thing people notice!  I still remember when I meet my husband, the first thing I noticed about him was his smile.  He has a gorgeous smile, and to this day I love his smile!  Even when I am mad at him, when he smiles it totally changes the mood, and we’re able to stop being angry and talk about whatever the issue was.

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1x1.trans Turn That Frown Upside Down   10 Reasons I Smile

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1x1.trans Turn That Frown Upside Down   10 Reasons I Smile

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  1. lisa says

    When I am truly feeling down (which is this time of year) It upsets me when strangers make comments such as smile, it can’t be that bad. How do they know.

  2. ANN*H says

    It doesnt cost anything to smile and it can make someones day. It will also make you feel better to so try to do it more often. My grandkids are always making me laugh and smile to myself when their not here when I remember something they said or did earlier that day.

  3. ANN*H says

    Smile are contagious . We need to smile more at people , it doesnt take much to smile. My grand kids always make me smile. It doesnt cost anything so smile it will make you feel better too

  4. rebecca s says

    I love your list! Especially about the kids being a reason to smile. Mine almost always makes me smile, when he doesn’t I take a time out.

  5. says

    I was at the doctors office one day,in alot of pain. Of course to make matters worse I was in one of those “nothing in my life is going right” moods and as i was sitting outside a car pulled up. in the backseat with the window rolled down was a special needs young man. With the biggest smile imaginable he waved and said “HI: to me many times. I couldnt help but smile back and tell him “HI:. By the fourth or fifth time i was chuckling. The person in the frony seat apologized for him, I told them never do that, HE just made my day. How could I be so concerned about things that dont really matter when I am so Blessed. That young man taught me an important lesson. No matter whats going on in your life…smile. It can not only change you but effect anyone you come in contact with.

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