Top Five Promotional Items To Make A Lasting Impression

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According to statistics provided by PPA, 83% of potential clients surveyed said they enjoy receiving promotional products, with an additional 48% saying they would like to receive promotional products more often. More importantly, 58% of those surveyed said they hang onto their promotional products. That’s longevity of brand retention far exceeding that which TV and online media can deliver. Therefore, there is every reason to think that the right product can convert leads to customers quicker than many other advertising methods.

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Of course the trick is to select the right products. The key is to choose products with location in mind. If, as PPA statistics show, high percentages of folks keep promo products in their workspaces or kitchens, then these are just the kinds of products marketers should want to implement in their strategies.

So with that in mind, here are five proven promotional products that can help to deliver that strong message.

Solar battery chargers

Marketers who want to make a splash that addresses customer needs in today’s technologically advanced and environmentally conscious world can go for this option. There are many solar battery chargers on the market that can be purchased in bulk with universal adapters, and they make for great and memorable gifts.

Smartphone screen protectors

This may seem like an unpractical promotional gift (how many people have smartphones with the same size screens?) but there are ways around this little roadblock. Marketers can bulk purchase screen protectors that come in packs of three, each a different size, and emblazon the company logo right on the packaging. Or there are stylish screen protectors that can be cut down to size by the recipient.

Tablet covers

This often presents the same problem as the smartphone covers, which is why marketers should opt for sleeves rather than form-fitting casings.

Flash drives

In today’s modern world, it’s crucial for marketers to stay ahead of the technological curve. After all, no successful marketing strategy in this day and age involves giving away typewriter ribbons. To this end, flash drives are a great marketing choice. They are customizable and, more importantly, they are useful. Marketers can also save loads of cash by ordering these items in bulk. And by printing the company logo on the surface as well as loading promotional content into the drive itself, marketers can be sure to get their message out.

USB hubs

While flash drives offer a number of benefits, they aren’t much use if the recipient doesn’t have a computer port to put them in. USB ports are the modern equivalent of home power outlets: there just don’t seem to be enough free ones when we need them. Handing out logo-printed USB hubs with three or four ports is a good solution to this common issue.

The above items should serve as a springboard for any creative marketing team. The trick is to build on what is already proven popular in order to tailor a specific message to that target customer base.

Gregg Rusley is a digital content developer for He specializes in finding creative ways to meet marketing or recognition goals with personalized merchandise.

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  1. lisa says

    I know my husband often gets items like that at work. To be honest, the only thing that I know about is the solar battery. I so need to catch up with the rest of the world!

  2. md Kennedy says

    Another couple of great items – having been on the receiving end – are 1) those things you hang your cell phone on on the power outlet so it doesn’t sit on the floor and 2) fol-up resuable shopping bags with a hook (insispensable item in my purse!)

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