The Startup Blogger’s Ultimate Challenge: Working for Free While Staying Motivated

jennsblahblahblog discosure policy The Startup Blogger’s Ultimate Challenge: Working for Free While Staying Motivated

A lot of bloggers start out with zero motivation to make money. People start blogs to post pictures, keep an online journal or just for a place to store their writing. At the beginning these bloggers see no real need to make money blogging and might even be unaware of the fact that you can monetize a blog.

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Motivation for someone in this situation is entirely pure and as a result, can often lead to better quality work, a more enthusiastic following and yes, a lot of traffic.

A lot of bloggers start out this way and upon finding out that they can use their blog as a source of income have already done a huge percentage of the groundwork involved in making a blog marketable. If that’s the case, and their blog is already a few years old with all the pieces in place, it’s just a matter of placing some AdSense ads or selling your own products.

However for the blogger who starts from scratch with the intention to generate an income, they’re walking a much thinner line in terms of their motivating factor.

The challenge this aspiring blogger faces is that they must stay motivated in the face of zero returns on their investment, probably for the first one or two years.

Quality or Quantity The Startup Blogger’s Ultimate Challenge: Working for Free While Staying Motivated

Motivated by Your Content

Even with the intention to make money eventually, a blogger’s motivation needs to come from the same source of those that blog purely for pleasure.

Now it’s true that there are ways and methods to market your content that might elude the casual blogger, but overall you need to work hard to stay authentic, even if financial gain is your primary motivator.

Know that your content will drive whatever income you do end up earning, which should free you up to concentrate on that for the first year or so while leaving your stats and earnings reports tucked away until they’re generating bigger numbers.

Working for Free

If you’ve ever been sold the idea that blogging for income is a get-rich-quick solution, you’ll know very quickly once you start that you were sold a bunch of non-sense. Blogging is tremendously hard work, requiring a lot of thought, self-motivation and creativity on your part. Instead of getting rich quick, what you’ll ultimately have to do is work for free for a very long time.

This is part of the reason so many blogs fail, because people don’t have the patience to maintain a steady flow of good content for such a long period of time. A big part of the battle is staying patient while putting time and effort into something with no visible return.

The best way to make sure this happens is to keep your early expectations low. Do some research and read some stories written by successful bloggers about how they got to where they are. You’ll find that almost all of them had to trudge through the first couple years before they really started to get their footing.

Those stories of eventual success will definitely be a motivating factor for you while you’re in the trenches.

Keeping Your Head Down

A blog is essentially a business venture, with very little overhead, flexible hours and you immediately become the CEO. It’s a great deal on the surface, but you need to be able to put the work in and treat your blog like a business. Like any business, it takes years to get fully off the ground, but know that if you keep your head down and work hard like you would any job, you absolutely will see the fruits of your labor.

If you’re just starting out, make sure you press hard and stay focused through those first couple years. Try to avoid getting too hung up on stats or the trickle of income you have coming through your AdSense account. If you revisit it after that two-year mark, chances are you’ll be met with a much brighter outlook.  Another things to keep in mine is don’t go crazy and download free fonts that are not readable, be sure everything is nice and neat.  Free fonts are great, but they can get disengage your reader if they cannot read what you are writing.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the encouragement to just keep on blogging. I don’t get paid cash for blogging and for now I’m okay with that. I do get a few products here and there to review and giveaways to host. This is enough for now, but I do hope to advance into cash one day.
    Kim T. recently posted..My Favorite Blogs!My Profile

    • says

      You will keep up the hard work it took me a year to make enough to leave my job and blog full time. It was a year of many unpaid hours, and sleepless nights but it was worth it in the end. If you are dedicated you can do it! Keep it up, if you ever have a question please feel free to reach out to me I’m always willing to lend a hand.

  2. Gail Ballard says

    Love this post. I have always wondered about bogging an now I know. I like to talk and jabber a lot and have thought about my own blog, this helped me with some ground work. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • says

      I am so glad you have found use from the post! There is some great info included for sure so much to think about starting out but not to worry things fall together.. My biggest tip is stay off Facebook unless you want to get trapped lol

  3. cheryl lister says

    I enjoy reading other’s blogs (especially yours!), don’t have one of my own, but have been curious about how people make money from them. What is the purpose of “voting” for a blog on Picket Fence?

    • says

      Cheryl there really isn’t one other than for fun.. To see where you can get.. if there is any other reason I’m not sure I know what it is lol.. just fun to try and move up..

    • says

      Thanks so much for stopping by we are very excited you stopped by! I am on my way to swing by and visit your blog as well!

  4. md Kennedy says

    I like the last point the best: treat you rblog like a business. Because if you are in it for the (sometimes very little!) money, it is a business. I have even gone so far as to incorporate my e-businesses (e-books and a to-be blog).

  5. Ruth chu says

    ive always wanted to start a blog with couponing but dont know how to make money doing it. Could you give some pointers?

  6. says

    Great post! I will say however I was able to monitize my blog in less than a year thankfully. It simply took a lot of hard work and I still have so much to learn! It’s been fun and is a great hobby for me!

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