The Green Kids Craft Box Provides Fun and Learning


  Great Craft Time, Making Something New   As you are all about to learn I love being able to craft and make new things with my children. I would be particularly happy crafting any time but when I get to craft and create something with the kids it is much more exciting and fun for me. My kids really love when they get to make something that they are going to use or something that … [Read more...]

And So the Obsession Begins…A Look at My Newfound Love of PS from Aeropostale

  The Start of a New Obsession Do you become obsessed with things? Are there certain things that you feel like you can not live without? Well I often find myself becoming obsessed with a particular brand of children's clothing. For me there have been many obsessions in the past but currently there is a new one. I am falling in love with PS from Aeropostale. The brand offers adorable … [Read more...]

Fun for the Whole Family! HydroRush Inflatable Waterpark Rocks

HydroRush Waterpark

Let me begin by saying God I wish I was a kid again. This has got to at the top of the list of favorites. From the slide down to the water cannon on the side of the splash pool.  The Hydro Rush Waterpark is an easy to set up, safe, and fun inflatable waterpark that fits right in your back yard. Setting up the waterpark was simple and fast.  Starting with a rock, stick, or anything that will … [Read more...]

Spending Quality Time With The Family! Yepie, Family Movie Night Rocks! #sponsored

Family Movie Night Dogpile fun

I recently left my job to work from my home, and be with my family more. Before I worked six days a week, and I was lucky to be home by 7:00pm. So much for banker’s hours right? All that went out the window the day I took on my position as a branch manager.    My husband I and I knew about a year ago we needed to make some changes around the house. One of us needed to be home, and I wanted to be … [Read more...]

12 Tips For New Stay At Home Moms, Thanks #MSNKnowNow

12 Tips For New Stay At Home Moms

Being a stay at home mom is no joke, being a work from home mom isn't a walk in the park either.  adjusting to working from home, well it's totally different I can honestly say I love it and I feel blessed to be able to be home with my family.  It's been about a year since I realized how badly I needed to be home for my family.  I think many women come to a point where they feel their place is at … [Read more...]

Fighting Spring Colds With Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold Formula #Review

childrens musinex

Review: Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold with the Smiley Blogger Circle #ChildrensMucinex I was asked to review Children’s Mucinex several months ago, but have not written the review because my kids have been healthy.  Until yesterday that is, when Vayda came home from school not feeling well.  I mean really it was bound to happen.  The day before yesterday it was in the 90’s, then yesterday … [Read more...]

Invest In Our Children’s Future #TeachersChangeLives: Support Today #cgc #sponsored

Supports AdoptAClassroom

Teacher are so important in our children’s life’s.  It’s extremely important for us as parents to know our children’s teachers, and recognize the impact they have on our children.  I’m sure you can relate.  I have had bad teachers, that have made learning extremely difficult for various reasons and on the flip side have had teachers that have gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. When … [Read more...]

What Does A Stay At Home Mom Do All Day

What does a stay at home mom do all day

Many of you know I’m going to be leaving my job that I have been at for the last seven years to stay at home with my kids.  I have been doing loads of thinking of things to do while I’m home when I get a little board.  What does a stay at home mom do all day?  I've come up with several things that I would like to do that I don't currently have time for.  My husband says I think too much, and I … [Read more...]

Kids Protective Swimwear #Giveaway (WW)


  Being a parent is the most important job one will ever have.  It's the most rewarding, time consuming, amazing, emotional, road we will ever travel.  It's also the best road we will ever travel.  Watching them learn and grow, it's our job to protect our babies while they learn and grow.  Whcih is why I think you'll love this giveaway.  Platypus is helping protect our children with UV … [Read more...]

Find Me If You Can Personalized Children’s Book #Giveaway

Hi everyone and welcome to Jenn's Blah Blah Blog! We have an awesome giveaway for you and your children.  Does your kids love reading?  It's okay if you answered no, this book isn't just any book!  It's a book that's sure to keep your child happy and engaged   Don't miss out on your change to win this fabulous book called Find Me If You Can!  Find Me If You Can Personalized Book … [Read more...]

Three Fun Gifts To Think About When Buying a Gift For a Child

Sometimes shopping for a child is harder than it may seem. In fact, figuring out the perfect gift to get a youngster, especially a kid who has everything, can be downright stressful. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can get for any small child that he'll be sure to love and enjoy. Whether you're getting a gift for your own child whom you know very well or you're getting a gift for a … [Read more...]

10 Ways Being Mom Changes Us, 1 Moms Creative Invention – Bobee Review


Having children changes women.  We wake up after having a child and suddenly have patience.  Seriously, it' happened to me.  I used to be the MOST impatience person I know.  You would never guess now.  Anymore I have all the patience in the world.  I have to or I would probably be in a straight jacket, lol. Once we give birth to our new bundle of joy our lives … [Read more...]

$50 Pottery Barn Kids Giveaway #Giveaway!


Hi everyone, we have something awesome for you this time on ol Blah Blah!  Copy-Kids is awesome, like always but this time they have something special!  This time we'll be giving away a $50 Pottery Barn Gift Card and a Copy Kids DVD!  Yea, buddy you have to love all these fabulous giveaways!  I LOVE ALL MY WONDERFUL READERS, AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY JOB TOTALLY FREAKING … [Read more...]

If Parents Smoke How Likely Are Children To Pick Up The Habit?

Kozzi-quit-smoking-concept-883 X 588

If you're a parent that lights up it's likely you've thought this very same questions.  Will my children smoke?  How likely are my children to smoke if they see me smoking?  I think it's only natural, who wants their children to smoke?  Not any caring, dedicated, loving parent that's for sure. So let's talk about the chances of children smoking that grow up watching their … [Read more...]

Tips To Teach Your Children Not To Lie and Be Honest

truth not lies board shows honesty

I'm sure most of us have something in comment when it comes to our children.  We all want our children to grow up and be honest, hard-working, adults with a kind-heart. I'm sure none of you want your kids to lie, cheat, sneak, or steal.  But what's the best way to teach your children to be honest. Some parents might think not telling the truth, sneaking, and stealing is a phase all … [Read more...]

Kids, They Grow Up Too Fast

I hate it, my children are growing up too fast and it's hard for this mom to accept the fact that she now has a teenager on her hands and her baby isn't a baby anymore!  My baby is 2 years old, still sweet when she wants to be or wants something.  Now I have to cuddle on my 2-year-old schedule, if she's too busy NO CUDDLING! Seriously, the other day I went over and sat with her on the couch and … [Read more...]

Teaching Children to Save Money

Leading By Example: Teaching children the importance of saving money Teaching children how to save money is one of the most important things that adults can do to prepare children for their future. With so many advertisements and products that are designed to attract a child’s interest, teaching children the importance of delaying gratification and building their savings can be a very … [Read more...]