Put Some Fun in Your Life with a Whimsical Watch

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Tired of the humdrum when it comes to a watch?  Get out of that rut with a Whimsical Watch.

Put Some Fun in Your Life with a Whimsical Watch 

My husband is constantly telling me to live a little.  We make such a unique couple.  He is outgoing, me, not so much, although the older I get the more outgoing I become.  I guess I’m my father’s daughter as he was a “what if” person.  I like security and I’m definitely not a thrill seeker by any sense of the word.  However, the longer I have been married, the more I listen to my husband.  So, when he tells me to live a little or loosen up, I try to do so.  For years, I lived a conservative life style, wearing conservative clothing and hair style, but all that has changed somewhat now thanks to Whimsical Watches. Whimsical Watches are just that.  Fun and exciting ways of telling the time.  These novelty watches from Whimsical Watches are great for dad, mom, sister, brother, husband, wife, grandparents, your friends and yourself.  Whimsical Watches was generous enough to provide me with two watches to review.  The watches arrived already gift wrapped for easy gift giving.

whimsicalwatches1 Put Some Fun in Your Life with a Whimsical Watch

The first watch:

whimsicalwatch2 Put Some Fun in Your Life with a Whimsical Watch

This is the Learn and Live Watch in Gold and is listed under the New Product category.  This watch has special meaning to me.  I wear it as a reminder to help me raise awareness for transplants and organ donations, causes I wholeheartedly support.  This particular watch is geared towards those with heart disease.  Note the red ribbon miniature and the butterfly on a bed of flowers.  The red skin watchband sets off the face of the watch beautifully, but other bands are available if you choose.  This watch is also available in Silver and has an option for personalization, as well.  Other cause watches are available, too.

The second watch:

whimsicalwatch31 Put Some Fun in Your Life with a Whimsical Watch

This is the Shopper Mom Watch in Gold.  This is a perfect gift for the woman in your life that lives to shop and shops until she drops.  It is great for your mom, grandmother, sister, aunt or for you.  Like the other great Whimsical Watches, this watch is available in gold or silver, with your choice of band color, and/or personalization.  I especially like that both this watch and the Learn and Live watch have a larger face.  My husband said that both of these watches are very becoming on my wrist, as I can immediately find the time without having to squint.  I think I will agree with him on that comment.  I love the look and the watch is extremely comfortable to wear.  Smaller faced watches are also available, if you prefer.

All of the Whimsical Watches are hand crafted and contain a stainless steel case, Italian leather band, quartz movement, long-lasting battery and comes with a limited one year warranty.  But, more importantly, and the reason behind a watch is that the Whimsical Watches keep perfect time.  The company offers products consisting of over 250 themes in gold, silver, unisex and classic styles.

Put a bit of spark in your life with a Whimsical Watch.  The company has a watch for any occasion you need:  wedding, graduation, birthday, or if you love your pet, you can even get a watch with his/her picture on the face of the watch.

Join in the conversation on the Whimsical Watches’ Facebook page.  It’s not too late to place your order for those last minute holiday gifts, as they guarantee speedy delivery.  The Company ships out within 1-2 business days after orders are placed, and for those followers on the west coast, ground shipments will arrive prior to Christmas if shipped by December 18th, 19th, or 20th.  Can’t make up your mind on which watch you want?  Get a Whimsical Watches gift certificate for that special someone, so don’t forget to stop by the company’s web site today.



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  1. M.Clark says

    Wow, definitely not what I was expecting. I am generally not a watch person so when I read “Whimsical Watch” I was a bit skeptical. Having seen the two pictures that are posted above I think I would wear a “Whimsical Watch”, they’re just so different. Thank you for this review.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    These watches are certainly different. I never heard abut them before your review. I like that some can raise awareness of health problems.

  3. Nena Sinclair says

    Very nice watches! I love that the Live & Learn Watch helps to raise awareness for transplants and organ donations/!

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