Nomorerack Is Your Risk-Free Shopping Source! #GiftGuide

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I love browsing the internet, especially now that the Holiday season has arrived. I’m always looking for quality name brand stuff at great prices. I happen to see and advertisement saying 50-80% off, well curiosity got the best of so I clicked away. It took me to an awesome website called

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I have to tell you at first I thought this was a gimic just to get you to the site, boy was I wrong!! Nomorerack has everything you can imagine plus more always at 50-80% off every day. How cool is this?? With times being budget tight I need to save as much $$ as possible. I was so tired of buying off the rack stuff just to save a buck, then later on finding out it was defected or just plain poor quality merchandise. Well no-more-rack shopping for me now that I’m signed up with nomorerack!!

They sent me for review an awesome Kocaso Jelly Bean Android 4.2, 7 inch tablet PC. OMG!! This tablet is remarkable!!

The Kocaso Jelly Bean Tablet from has everything you could want in a 7 inch tablet. I was blown away by all the magnificent features this bad boy has! Features include,

VIA 8880 Cortex-A9 Dual-Core processor, Android 4.2 OS, TF card slot (Up to 32GB), Capacitive multi-touch screen and more, from Kocaso best tablet yet. Fast processor opens up programs and webpages seamlessly. RF card slot gives you the freedom to add even more storage or transfer music and pictures. Androids 4.2 allows for easy multitasking and customizable home-screens. It also comes in various beautiful colors,

Also, You can have thousands of movies and TV shows. Personalizing and customize your touchscreen no problem. You can choose from over 450,000 apps and access your favorite content, movies and TV shows. And get this, with Adobe Flash player you have access to more videos, websites and games. This Kocaso Jelly Bean android tablet is the best!!

nomoreack 4 jelly bean Nomorerack Is Your Risk Free Shopping Source! #GiftGuide nomorerack 3 jelly bean Nomorerack Is Your Risk Free Shopping Source! #GiftGuide

Let me tell you a little about

Like I mentioned earlier they are a shopping store for those of us who love quality brand named apparel and accessories for 50-80% off retail! offers an incredible variety of authentic designer merchandise, fabulous trendy & stylish items through spectacular short-term daily deals. They offer us unbeatable deals at super low prices on great name products each and every day!! Oh and let me also tell you their friendly customer service is off the charts!!

What I honestly love is genuine people! This is what is all about! They have a fun team who loves an amazing sale, I read on their site that, and I quote them “nothing makes us happier than providing a fantastic shopping experience for our customers!

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It’s our goal to keep prices low (and have a great time doing it!), so our whole team works together to make sure that every product we sell matches the highest quality and style standards possible. By finding the best product sources and minimizing overhead wherever we can, we’re happy to pass these great savings on to you!” unquote.

I added this because I could just “imagine” the team at in their office as a deal comes up, they all happily rush around getting it organized to bring to us, then after posting the deal they all give themselves a high-five, until the next deal comes along, too fun!

Hey guys this is your opportunity to get great name brand stuff at ridiculously low prices. should be top of your shopping list this year. Their shipping prices are only  $2 per item flat fee, 24-7 email customer service, a 30-day return policy, and a quality guarantee, they are your risk-free shopping source!

Never miss another deal again! Be sure to follow on all their social media’s,

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  1. dave thompson says

    I have two jellybean android zeepads which are purchased so I could watch movies on Redbox.
    At first I couldn’t get it to connect a first but at last I did. Was very disappointed. Sound system is below par and everything is very slow. Battery life is below what you would expect like the kindle fire which has a 10 hour batter compared to the zeepads 4 hours. Always having to charge it. Not a good dealo at $79

  2. lisa says

    I have heard of them. I thought they only sold clothes. I had no idea that the prices were so good. This is a must go to. Thanks!

  3. Jody Arbogast says

    I love nomorerack. I ordered a $99 boots for my daughter and paid only $19 plus no shipping cost….. Yay me!!!

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