Make Your Own All-Natural Lip Balm in 5 Easy Steps

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Checking out the ingredient list on a tube of lip balm can be a horrifying experience as it slowly dawns on you that all of the barely-pronounceable chemicals you’re reading about will eventually end up in your mouth.

 Make Your Own All Natural Lip Balm in 5 Easy StepsConsuming chemicals is bad because the more we expose our bodies to contaminants in our environment and personal care products, the harder our body has to work to keep us healthy.

In short: If the immune system is too busy fighting off toxins all of the time, it can’t focus on keeping the rest of the body strong and fit.

One great way to lessen our daily toxic load is by using all-natural beauty products. With ingredients found in nature, we can create homemade holistic skin, hair and lip care products for healthy alternatives to all the harsh substances.

Below is a quick and easy recipe to help you make your own all-natural lip balm:

How to Make All-Natural Lip Balm:

1. Decide on a container for your lip balm.

Do you want to use jars, tins, or the traditional tubes that twist your lip balm up from the bottom? You can find all of these containers for sale online and in craft stores, or get creative with small jars and used-but-sterilized cosmetic containers you have around the house if you’re feeling thrifty.

2. Decide on the ingredients for your lip balm.

There are many different lip product bases to be used to make lip balm, plus beneficial and natural additives you can include to suit your preferences.

Depending on the consistency you’re seeking, you can use (shaved or chopped) beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba or essential oils, almond oil, or cocoa butter if you enjoy a chocolate scent. Honey adds a sweet flavor, and has antibacterial properties that will help keep your lip gloss fresh and shelf stable.

The more beeswax you add, the thicker and firmer your lip balm will be, so if you’re seeking a shinier lip gloss-like product, simply add more oil until you reach your desired shimmer.

3. Double-boil your lip balm ingredients together.

This is the most common lip product-making process, and simply involves placing your mixing container into another larger pot of boiling water to melt the ingredients.

You can also place a heat-safe Pyrex glass cup into a sauce pan of boiling water if you’re making a small batch of lip gloss, if you prefer.

4. Stir your lip balm mixture until well-blended and smooth.

Remember to stir slowly and gently to prevent air bubbles in your lip balm blend, with the burner on medium heat. If you are adding oils, melt the beeswax first and then add the oils to better control the consistency.

5. Pour your lip balm into containers to cool.

Allowing liquid beauty products to cool and harden at room temperature is always best, as cold condensation can cause bubbles, but if you’re in a hurry, you can chill lip products in the refrigerator.

If your balm comes out too hard or too soft, don’t panic. All ingredients are reusable, so scrape out your containers and re-do the melting process by adding more wax or more oil until you get the consistency you desire. There will be some experimenting until you figure out your favorite mixtures, and that’s all part of the creative fun.

Use the 5 simple steps above to create your own signature blend of lip balm and never rub unhealthy mystery substances on your lips again. Because now, rather than feeling afraid of what you’re putting into your body, you can use your new holistic and homemade lip balm to feel like a natural beauty inside and out.

Mitchell Cooper is a professional blogger that shares his knowledge on homemade soaps and cosmetic supplies. He writes for The Chemistry Store, a leading hobby supply store online.


  1. Courtney T says

    what a cool post! i’ve been making my transitions into more natural products for shampoo, skin care, etc. but i never really thought so much about lip balm…which i use multiple times a day. i’ll def save this for later!

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I had not realized that making your own lip balm was this easy. Maybe I shall gather the necessary ingredients and give it a try.

  3. tamra gibson says

    You R just amazing girl!!! I thought I was thrifty. If my daughter and grand-kids weren’t so in to brand names this would be perfect for them

  4. lisa says

    Thanks for the recipe. I never really thought about it. What goes into lip balm. Since I inevitably end up ingesting some of it it is safer to make my own.

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