My Daughter Has A Smartphone On Her Christmas List!

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15 My Daughter Has A Smartphone On Her Christmas List!Vayda gave me her Christmas list the other day and she wants a smartphone like her big sister Catie, who is 15, and I honestly regret adding her to my current plan.  My kids having the ability to contact me when I’m not home, or they are not with me is extremely important, but I have concerns about them using a smartphone.  When Catie was 9 years old I got her a smartphone because I wanted her to be able to reach me any time she needed to, and I wish I would have known then what I know now.

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My Daughter Has A Smartphone On Her Christmas List!

Three Reasons I Don’t Want To Get My Daughter A Smartphone

Cost – I know she’s not going to be using her phone like my teen daughter, my husband, or myself.  Which is great, but why would I want to add her to my current play and pay way too much for her to talk to a friend or relative now and again.

Privacy – While I do push my kids to learn how to use computer, cell phones, tablets, and anything else techy that comes into our home.  I do not allow them to do it without supervision, I don’t allow any of my children social media account until I feel they are smart enough and able to handle them, which would be when they are 45 years old.  I’m not sure yet, lol.  I want control!

Contract – How do I know she’s even going to want to keep the phone?  .

Zact Mobile Can Save Your Money on Your Kids Smartphone!

Can you say NO contract on nationwide mobile services, and parental controls so parents have control over things like text usage, data usage, and curfews!  When I say it’s time for dinner, it’s time for dinner.  When I say you can only send this many text messages to your cousin 12 hours away, that’s that and I don’t even have to keep track!

That’s not all either! Parental can manage their kid’s phone form their phone, it’s kind of like the master remote control to your child’s phone.  You can set age appropriate curfews, usage limits, and app based restrictions.  All you need to do is download the Zact Control App, pretty cool!

Zact Mobile was awarded the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center too!  Did you know their monthly bill averaged only $22?


If your kids are asking for a smartphone for the holidays you can head over to Zact Mobile, and learn more about their features, and how they help give parents that peace of mind they need.   You can learn more about Zact Mobile by visiting their website at, and there is a great article on USA Today!

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Zact. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating

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  1. Jeanne says

    If you child has proven to be a responsible young adult then a phone would be ok. I would start with a basic phone. As she gets older upgrade to a better one.

  2. Marcia Lee says

    I can remember allowing my kids to get a cell phone when they got their first job so that if anything happened to them driving to or from work they could call. But that was a cell phone so they didn’t have access to the internet. If you consent to give her a smartphone, I would attach a lot or rules to it. For one thing, even before you gave it to her, you should decide if she is responsible around the house. Does she still have a good attitude about obeying you and I qualify that with adding a good attitude to obedience. Does she do her homework without complaining and trying to rush through it to get it done & go on to what she wants to do? If those two areas are under control, then add the restrictions that you would want for her to have. When any of these areas start to “go downhill” I would tell her in advance that the first thing to go would be the phone. And you might want to consider whether you would take her off the account for a trial period or for longer. Sorry to be so long-winded. Ultimately it is up to you and your husband, but I just wanted to play devil’s advocate.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This is the first time I have heard of this Zact Mobile control and I think it is a great idea – and not even expensive.

  4. Renee Travis says

    I like the idea of tracking a phone especially when it comes to your kids safety. All these smart phones and such, I don’t even know how to use. I know all the kids are tech savvy these days, but I just don’t see why they need these at such a young age.

  5. M.Clark says

    I think as long as you are able to keep track of her and know what she is doing and whom she is in contact with, then it’s a safe investment if you have the budget.

  6. md kennedy says

    I am sure my brother would have loved to know about Zact – he has his 13 year-old daughter on his plan on a contract and I don’t want to tell you how much she has spent some months. He is forced to take the phone away some months to control her spending and screen time1

  7. Paula Weintraut says

    G A Phone is a lot of responsibility. I say it depends on the child if shes responsible for like say a pet then a phone should be ok and to always always set limits

  8. krystal rivera says

    i think thats great cause these days technology has reached a real high and i wouldnt want my little ones feeling left out by any means

  9. rebecca s says

    Getting a phone for a child or anyone for that matter can be a difficult choice. I got my first phone when I was 21 and wished that the companies would’ve been more upfront and honest.

  10. Tina Le says

    Wow, such a timely post. yes, it’s so difficult to know what to do. I have 2 kids and I just don’t know the right age for smartphones. I’ll check out the link and get some info~!

  11. Birdiebee says

    I have never heard of Zact Mobile before. I love the idea of the Zact Control App. This is a must for young kids who have smart phones. Thank you for the information,

  12. Deborah D says

    They say you learn from experience. If it were me I would only get my child a basic phone with the ability to make calls and not text or any of the other stuff until they become say 16.

  13. says

    I like the idea of control for children using smartphones, any other kinds of phones and any social media, i. e. computers. Its the way to keep track of our children and shield them from danger. It is scary out in space and I know I don’t comprehend all the dangers involved.

  14. Debi H. says

    This app sounds like a fantastic idea. Smartphones weren’t an available when my kids got their first phones. Used to frustrate me to no end that there was no way to control the number of texts they were able send and receive.

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