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Blogging is hard darn work, when I first started I had no idea that I would be doing what I am today for a living.  I mean, don’t get me wrong I cannot tell you how excited I am to be doing it.  Truely it’s a dream come true, and there is nothing else I would rather do than make money blogging.  It’s awesome I get to wake up every single day and get my kids off to school without stressing out because somewhere in the mix I have to get myself ready as well.  I did that for many years, and it’s a dream come true to work from home.  It’s no walk in the park though, not at all.  When i first started I don’t know how many hours I worked that were unpaid, there were a too many to keep track of.

Which is why I always like to share places that I run into that pay bloggers for their hard work.  I recently signed up with and thought I would share this program with you if you’re not already signed up.  So let’s get started!

Are you a blogger that meets the following:

  • You blog falls in the Parenting, or Home and Garden area?
  • Have a minimum of 1000 members on Twitter and Facebook
  • Do you live in the United States or Canada?

If so you should check out Linqia so you can get signed up and start to make money blogging with Linqia. 

1x1.trans Make Money Blogging With LinqiaLinqia is a platform for those who lead an online community and engage in social media.  They help connect community leaders and brands so they can accomplish a goal.  The brand has a story that needs to be heard, and let’s face it us bloggers we rock at that, it’s what we do for a living in some cases.  Linqia making it easy to monetize your blog and make a little extra money doing what we do.  Plus we get tos hare some awesome new content with our readers.

If you’re interested in applying for Linqia, good news is it’s easy.  It will only take you a few minutes and your application is sent for approval.  Once you campaign in approved you will be invited to participate in every campaign that they feel is a nice fit for the blogger and brand.

Once you’re a member of the Linqia community you will have the opportunity to complete tasks such as:

  • Articles
  • Images
  • Polls
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Competitions
  • And More.     

If Linqia sounds like a community you would like to learn more about or join, you can swing by and visit their website at

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  1. peggy fedison says

    Very helpful. If I was a blogger, I would definitely check it out because it seems useful and pays off. Thank you for sharing :) I always love your blogs!!

  2. md Kennedy says

    What a great way to add some monetization to a blog. I don’t qualify (yet!) but when I do I have bookmarked their site to get my application in. Thanks!

  3. Patricia Zyska-Pickett says

    This sounds interesting… my own blog wouldn’t qualify for this, but I will pass this info along to another friend who blogs about parenting. Thank you so much for sharing!

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