Live it up in Your Bokos

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Why suffer the consequences of a slip and fall accident because you are wearing the wrong sandals.  Get the Bokos sandals and feel secure in your footing with their anti-slip feature.  Many thanks to the Bokos Company for supplying me with a pair of sandals for the purpose of this review.

Live it up in Your Bokos  

As a retired certified paralegal, I have seen my fair share of law suits that involve some type of personal injury.  Many of the cases involved a slip and fall with the primary cause as being some type of liquid, or more specifically water on the floor.  Working in a defense orientated law firm led me to discover that in many of the cases the injured party’s footwear was a contributing factor to the accident.  While not grounds for a law suit, a lot of mishaps occur right in your own home.  The kitchen and bath are prime areas of concern for mishaps because those rooms, most likely, have tile floors, and when tiles get wet, they get slippery.  You no longer have to worry about slipping and falling in your home due to a wet floor if you are wearing your Bokos sandals.

The Bokos sandals are very comfortable to wear and extremely versatile.  Wear them in the house, at the pool, the beach, in the garden, or simply riding in the car.  The Bokos sandals are anti-slip meaning that they have just the right amount of stickiness to keep you from falling on a wet surface.  The sandals are easy to clean with a small amount of mild soap and cold water.  Further, the non-porous material of the Bokos means that they help eliminate any odor.  Additionally, the Bokos sandals are durable enough to withstand your most demanding activities.

bokos1 Live it up in Your Bokos

Notice the inside of the sandals.  These sandals grip your feet to avoid slipping and sliding around.

The Bokos sandals are offered in both men’s and women’s sizes, but will be expanding their line in the future to include children’s sizes, as well.  Despite whether you select either a men’s or women’s style, each Bokos is offered in a whole size as sandals have more flexibility than a regular shoe.  See web site for sizing.  Further, the Bokos brand sandals come in a variety of different colors to your liking.  Just look at some of the products:

bokos2 Live it up in Your Bokos

Bokos3 Live it up in Your Bokos

bokos4 Live it up in Your Bokos

I wear my Bokos sandals at home, all day long, every day, as they are that comfortable, and I don’t have to worry about changing footwear when I go out to work in the garden, or run errands.  And, since I live in a warmer climate, I can wear my Bokos year round.

Join in the conversation at the Bokos’ Facebook and Twitter pages.  Bokos sandals are very economical and are available through their web site.

I’m so glad I discovered Bokos sandals.  Since I am on the clumsy slide, I no longer have to worry about slipping and falling while I am working in my garden, or while cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors.  I no longer have to worry about burning my feet on the hot sand at the beach or stepping on a jelly fish by mistake.  But you don’t need to wait until summer time to order your Bokos sandals; you can do so at any time by visiting their web site.  These sandals make excellent gifts, as well, for your holiday gift giving, or simply for stocking stuffers.  Stop by the Bokos web site today to get yours.  I just ordered a pair for my husband.



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  1. Sandy Cain says

    I really have to look into these. I wear sandals all year round at home. I need something comfy cause my feet are a hot mess – bone spurs, tendonitis – you name it. I have seen such good reviews of these, I think it’s time to treat myself!

  2. tamra gibson says

    Wow these would be perfect for anyone. I especially think of my Mother though. She will be 80 this year and still gets around pretty good but seems to be falling a lot but that cld b because she wears slippers to get the mail that she has had for almost 20 years not because she cant afford new ones she just thinks she should get her money’s worth. The name is awesome I dont think anyone would ever forget it. Thanks for the review

  3. sherry butcher says

    Thanks for this review for the Bokos sandls sound like something I’v need for a long time. The fact you can order year round help too. I’v been going on vacation and could not find a giid oaur if andke biw U jbiw were ti gi.

  4. Tamarae Ellis says

    I struggle with moving normally due to severe arthritis in my knees and I slip often. This may be my solution to slippage! I would be willing to try them. . .just wish they came in a covered toe style!

  5. lisa says

    I am not a sandal wearer.I’ll check the site and see if they make shoes too. I could have used these a while back. I was working and slipped on some water. I fell flat on my back and had to endure several months of P.T. I didn’t sue because accidents happen but, with these shoes I might not have fallen.

  6. md Kennedy says

    I have a few pairs of another brand of sandals like Bokos, and yes, they do get a bit “ripe” after wearing/. I’ll give these a shot when I need to replace one of those pair.

  7. says

    I like the different colors they come in! I Want purple or red. Also, one thing I really hate about the regular flip-flops I wear is that they tend to give me blisters somehow. I am guessing that these, since they grip your feet and keep from sliding around, would be more comfortable!

  8. M.Clark says

    These would make a great pair of house slippers in the summer months. I am not someone who wears slippers outside. Thank you for this review.

  9. rebecca scolari says

    When I saw the name Bokos I was like, what’s a Bokos? Now it makes sense. less smell, likelihood of slipping and great colors are all pluses to a great pair of sandals.

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