How To Get More Likes On Facebook

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I think there is a time that we all ask ourselves how to get more likes on Facebook. The wonderful people at KISSmetrics put together this fabulous infographic to help all of us understand what it takes to get more engagement from your readers on Facebook.

Check out the infographic, and let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, what is your favorite trick to get more likes on Facebook?

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how to get more likes on fb sm How To Get More Likes On Facebook
Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

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  1. George says

    Yes dear you are absolutely right and I really appreciate your views. I’ll definitely work on your suggestions. Please keep sharing your views.

  2. Julie G says

    Daily Post vs Weekly Post data seems contradictory. If you post 1-2 times a day to get 40% more likes you cannot also post 1-4 times per week for 71%. What is the control?

  3. md kennedy says

    Sometimes it just seems too simple – but isn’t really is it? Make your posts interesting and post just enough to not overwhelm FV users and they will love you.

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