Let Calico Critters From International Playthings Complete Your Shopping List! #GiftGuide

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I have been a doll & doll house collector since I was a little girl. I had my own little make-believe town filled with, of course dolls, furniture, gardens swimming pools animals, you get the picture!

I handed a lot of my collection down to my daughter which in turn she has started a collection for little miss Novalee as well. We’ve made it our tradition. A few weeks ago I was internet shopping and came across a website called International Playthings. They have everything you need for your child to complete your holiday shopping list!!

 cozy logo Let Calico Critters From International Playthings Complete Your Shopping List! #GiftGuide

As I was browsing I saw the most adorable critter collection called Calico Critters of Clover Leaf Corners. This is perfect for her traditional doll collection, now she has her critter collection! We received the Cozy Cottage starter Home with Bell Hopscotch Rabbit. This cozy cottage comes fully assembled and ready to play with everything you need for hours of pretend play fun.

cozy critters x2 e3d4f0c66a87f0a995c0d10709d9c1f0 Let Calico Critters From International Playthings Complete Your Shopping List! #GiftGuide

This starter set includes a movable, reversible floor to use as a front yard, expand the 1st floor, or create a 2 story house! Over 15 furniture pieces & accessories including Bell Hopscotch Rabbit, bed with matching sheets, square table with chairs, kitchen counter with sink & 3 storage areas, cutting board with chopping “knife”, and moveable ladder for easy access to each floor. House measures 10.5″ x 8″ x 10.75″. Bell’s family is on their way so Bell doesn’t get lonely!!

cozy critter family 510e016b61054253c0afc847246d450d Let Calico Critters From International Playthings Complete Your Shopping List! #GiftGuide

Calico Critters are fully poseable and are made using a unique soft-flocking process which gives their “fur” a smooth velvety texture. All are dressed in colorful quality outfits designed for each individual character. Built around the traditional values of family, friends and community, Calico Critters encourage little girls to use their imagination and share their own experiences as they play.

cozy images 16 Let Calico Critters From International Playthings Complete Your Shopping List! #GiftGuide

There are so many different critters to choose from and have their own individual personalities. You can collect them all and create their own cozy critter town! I can’t wait to collect the whole set for baby Novalee!! Here’s a couple of my favorites,

cozyimages 17 Let Calico Critters From International Playthings Complete Your Shopping List! #GiftGuide  cozyimages 16 Let Calico Critters From International Playthings Complete Your Shopping List! #GiftGuide

Start your own Calico Critters collection for your little one today by visiting their website, also stay connected to all the wonderful and upcoming Calico Critters products through their Facebook page and of course You Tube!!



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  1. Sandra Crispo says

    These are such cute critters, think my two youngest granddaughters who are both 3 years old would love them!!

  2. Karen says

    I loved my Calico Critters when I was little! Now my daughter gets to play with my old ones when she’s at my parents’ house. I’m so glad that they’ve held up over the years. They’re such a nice, sweet classic toy!

  3. Karen O says

    These are the cutest little things. Their house and their tent are adorable too. I wish they had these when I was a kid. I’d love to win a family of Calico Critters for my granddaughter.

  4. Angela says

    My daughter is 4 and loves these. They really are so cute and detailed. We have a lot of them. She got the supermarket for Christmas. It’s adorable. It has tiny little boxes and bottles with little labels. It was a pain getting everything put together.. but worth it. My favorite is the tiny little bear shaped jar of honey. She loves it.

  5. Wanda Bergman says

    What a great toy! I know a little someone who would love this. It would keep her busy and having fun for a long time.

  6. says

    These are adorable! I’m so tired of the animal-themed toys being limited to My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. I bet my daughter would love these – they’re definitely on my To Buy list!

  7. Chrissy Dear says

    I’ve actually wanted this for a long time and for my son NOT a daughter.. My son has autism an can learn so much from the types of social play we do with “doll houses” but there is a stigma with the standard doll house, they are just for girls. My son does not see things as gender based so I hate that stereotype but I also don’t want him to get made fun of. I think this would be great middleground for our needs. I absolutely love it!

  8. md Kennedy says

    I saw these in our local toy store a few weeks ago and fell in love with them – so cute and well-made. I’d love a family set just for me!

  9. Kara Marks says

    What an excellent review–I’m so glad to know these details, since I would love to get this for my grandson. Thanks!

  10. tamra gibson says

    The review is awesome. I live the pics they make it so clear to see what you would be getting and just how adorable. It really does come with a lot but I’m sure my grand babies would want each set which is fine with me. I think these would be a perfect gift for a child on any occasion and it would be sure to be a hit.
    Thanks again for all

  11. Denise Elliott says

    I love these little critters they are the cutest thing ever. I love how they have moving parts and are poseable I love the different families they have. I never had a doll house growing up so I would love for my daughter to have one and this would be the perfect starter kit for her.

  12. Sue E says

    I never heard of Calico Critters until this giveaway. I have to say I am glad now that I have, because with 11 granddaughters and 4 grandsons, I am constantly trying to find some new birthday or holiday gifts for them. I know some of my granddaughters would love to get a family or two of these cute little critters.

  13. rebeka deleon says

    i love that it’s house play with little animals. my daughter loves anything to do with animals. she would adore this! most likely carry them around with her like they were her babies.. :)

    • says

      It really is super cute, and I love that it is different that the normal barbie doll set up.. Love the whole animal family thing… I am getting this for my kids rather than Barbie for bday this year…

  14. Jan Lee says

    These are adorable and the set is so cute. I’m glad they made them friendly animals instead of ferocious ones lol I might have to buy one for birthdays this year :)

  15. Laurie Nykaza says

    These Calico Critters are just so cute my nieces would love spending hours play with them. The little house and the tent are so cute.

  16. Ashley F says

    These are so cute! My daughter is still a little young for Calico Critters, but is turning two in April, so I am sure she will be ready for them soon!

  17. md kennedy says

    I first saw calico Critters a few years ago at my local toy store and instantly fell in love with them. They look so adorable and like collectibles, and yet you can actually play with them. A great gift indeed!

  18. Heather Howard says

    My little girl LOVES these critters. We were lucky enough to have some given to us. Wish we had the van or house though.

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