Kids, They Grow Up Too Fast

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I hate it, my children are growing up too fast and it’s hard for this mom to accept the fact that she now has a teenager on her hands and her baby isn’t a baby anymore!  My baby is 2 years old, still sweet when she wants to be or wants something.  Now I have to cuddle on my 2-year-old schedule, if she’s too busy NO CUDDLING!

Seriously, the other day I went over and sat with her on the couch and was hugging on her, mom loved it.  Mattie did not, she was playing with her cars.  Get this, check out what she told me, keep in mind turned 2 in April.  So mom comes and sits down on the couch with her while she is playing cars.  Mom starts hugging and kissing on her telling her how much I love her.  She proceeds to calmly tell me, “momma, momma, MOMMA”, yea I was ignoring her because I knew what was coming.  Finally I say, “what Matt-Matt.”  She responds with, “Momma I wove you too, I busy playing cars pweeze weeve me alone.”  OMG, NO SHE DIDN’T!

Yes she sure did, broke my heart.  I had to sit down and remember she is two and that was a 2-year-old asking very nicely to let her finish playing, well my 2-year-old at least. I mean she did say pweeze, I love you too and that she was busy at the moment, right.  I shouldn’t take offence to that, should I?  lol, kids are too funny!

When I am at my computer desk working Madisyn is always up in my business.  I love her but she has to come sit on my lap, bring her pink Barbie laptop and set up camp, start her little freelance writing gig.  Okay, so now Madisyn is all set up to start working on her writing jobs, what about mom’s work?  I guess I have to wait until that darn pink Barbie computer explodes or Madisyn finishes up with her writing jobs, tweets, shares, etc. are all finished up.

The other day I bought her a little princess table, she likes it now at the time she was upset because it didn’t have cars on it.  We are past that tragic event, thank goodness.  Now she loves her little princess table, it has two adorable little chairs, I bought it for her to color on and keep in the living room or her room.  Do you think that happened?

Nope, it has turned into a computer desk, super cute and I love it.  Now mom has her big desk and next to it is Madisyn’s little pink princess desk.  When mom goes into the room to work, guess who is closely behind?  You got it, Madisyn has just remember she has some writing jobs she too needs to take care of and get posted too!  Sometimes Minnie and Roarbert come along to help as well.

I love my children, they are the reason I do everything I do!  They grow up too fast and it’s important for me as a mother to be there, hug them, love them, support them discipline them and help guide them into adulthood.  I used to spend a lot of time working, really work was extremely important to me.  Honestly work used to be my priority in life, it’s crazy how children change us.

Since Madisyn was born two years ago I have changed dramatically.  Work is work and home is where my heart is, there’s nothing better than coming home after a day of work, walking in the door and my sweet baby Madisyn running for me, with arms wide open screaming momma!  I know it doesn’t last forever, which is the reason I will eat it up and love every second of it while it does.  I don’t want to miss not one moment, I want to be there for it all.  My family is my number one and my reason for waking everyday, going to work, being excited to come home and my reason to set goals and work hard.

It’s often too easy to get sucked into life and forget about what’s important to you.  It’s so important to stay focused on what’s important, your children and their needs.  Children won’t remember those awesome shoes you bought them for their birthday or the $70 pants you worked extra hours to buy them.  They will remember the hugs, laughs, smiles, talks and the love that you showed them.

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