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1x1.trans Kidoodle TV   Finally TV For Kids, And Loved By Parents! I’m not even going to lie, when I found out Kidoodle TV had great TV for kids, but when I noticed The Adventures of Paddington Bear, Pound Puppies, Inspector Gadget, and a few others I caught myself doing a little happy dance.  I know Kioodle.TV is for kids, but I’m like a really big kid most days, lol.  Needless to say I signed up for Kidoodle.TV, it’s easy, and you can register for FREE during the month of December!  HURRY!

I’m excited that my kids have something I can put on Kidoodle TV, and watch whatever they want.  I don’t have to worry about anything, there is no hidden shows that I don’t know about.  Let me explain a little how it works, I’m really in love with Kidoodle TV.

1x1.trans Kidoodle TV   Finally TV For Kids, And Loved By Parents! Finally TV for Kids & Parents

Signing up for Kidoodle TV is super easy!  Once you are signed up you make each of your children a Kidoodle TV profile.  When you’re making your child’s profile you put in their name, choose an avatar from Kidoodle TV’s selection, or download your own, choose your child’s color theme, age group, and parents select titles that will automatically filter to their child’s profile.

I’m setting up my oldest daughter’s profile.  When I choose her age group I’m going to choose 9-12, and then manually select or deselect titles.  If you don’t manually select the titles than they will be automatically filtered by the default age settings.  It’s great, and all the kids’ shows in Kidoodle TV are totally kid friends, and mom friendly too.  I love that I don’t have to peak every few minutes to see what my kids are watching, or have them change it because it’s not kid friendly.

I LOVE Kidoodle TV, and cannot recommend it enough, but even better my children love Kidoodle TV too!  It’s a win-win relationship, everyone is happy, and with 4 children that doesn’t happen very often, lol.

1x1.trans Kidoodle TV   Finally TV For Kids, And Loved By Parents! Kidoodle is also super user-friendly.  After you have your children’s accounts set up, simply choose a kid and browse videos, or let them browse videos.  Everything in their library is pre-parent approved so parents can let their children choose their own show from the Kidoodle TV library!  Parents can have up to 5 children accounts. AWESOME Right!

Kidoodle TV is built for kids, not just aimed for that, it’s designed specifically with them in mind.  From its tasteful selection of kids shows, to its super easy to navigate feature, Kidoodle TV is a great selection for kids, and big kids like me, lol.  There’s several great shows that I have enjoyed watching with my kids.  I love that my little one has a profile set up just for her, and my older daughter as one designed specifically for her, by mom.  Kidoodle TV offers freedom and diversity of Internet access, with the parameters that give parents that much-needed peace of mind.  Remember right now you can try it FREE, and there is a giveaway too!

1x1.trans Kidoodle TV   Finally TV For Kids, And Loved By Parents! Kidoodle TV Holiday Giveaway Enter To Win A Tablet

Right now when you try Kidoodle TV for FREE and enter by December 31, 2013 you’ll be entered to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 Kidoodle TV yearlong subscriptions.  Entering is super easy, go to Kidoodle.TV, sign up for your free trial, and follow the on-screen directions, and submit!  Pretty easy right…

Be sure and take advantage of FREE Kidoodle TV for the rest of December by visiting their website Kidoodle.TV.

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What’s your favorite TV show for kids?

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      I wasn’t aware os such a TV for children. Its great! No parent can constantly be with their young child or children. Healthy Tv makes for healthy minds. It is indeed a win-win.

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