Keep ‘em Sparkling Clean with Brush Buddies

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Have you ever thought of an oral care product as fun?  Well, I found the perfect product in the Brush Buddies. This company has a variety of great toothbrushes that make it fun and enjoyable to brush your teeth, despite your age.

Keep ‘em Sparkling Clean with Brush Buddies

When my children were young, it was always such a hassle to get them to brush their teeth. While they did brush their teeth twice a day, it was never long enough, in my opinion. On average, an individual brushes his/her teeth for only 30-45 seconds, when a good oral care regimen suggests brushing for a minimum of 120 seconds, or two minutes. We all know that brushing and flossing at least twice a day leads to good dental hygiene. But, there are occasions when time is limited and you can’t take the time to do this chore as often as we should, or we brush our teeth incorrectly. This is why it is important to follow your dentist’s recommendations on the proper method and length of time when brushing your teeth, as well as having regular check-ups, cleanings and the like. You won’t regret your efforts later in life. I recently found a company that carries unique toothbrushes called Brush Buddies that makes brushing your teeth a pleasant chore, especially for your children. The Brush Buddies come in a variety of styles and in some of your favorite characters. Would you believe that some of the Brush Buddies even talk? Brush Buddies was kind enough to provide me with two of the Smurf character Talking Brush Buddies.

brushbuddies1 Keep ‘em Sparkling Clean with Brush Buddies

My children simply adored the Smurfs when they were young, and I’ll admit that I thought they were rather cute.  So, when given a choice, I immediately selected the Smurf character Talking Brush Buddies for this review.

The Talking Brush Buddies talk for the full two minutes that your child is brushing his/her teeth.  In fact, the characters even educate your youngster to brush correctly.  Your child will love listening to their favorite character like Bow Wow Brewster, a dog; Wanda Whiskers, a cat; Priscilla Piggles, a pig; Swingin Sammy, a monkey; and Moo Reece, a cow; or the Smurfs.  Does your child love music?  Let them listen to the greatest hits of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or PSY in the singing Brush Buddies style.  The Talking Brush Buddies are fun to use by children, teens and adults.

Aside from the Talking Brush Buddies, scope out the Brush Buddies Standard styles,

BrushBuddiesstandard Keep ‘em Sparkling Clean with Brush Buddies

or the Brush Buddies Poppin styles.

BrushBuddiespoppin Keep ‘em Sparkling Clean with Brush Buddies

I love these brushes as the head pops off to reveal the toothbrush.  These toothbrushes are so cute; you won’t want to put them away, but keep them proudly displayed in your bath.

And to get you in the holiday mood, they even have the Jingle Bells Brush Buddies that I simply cannot resist.

BrushBuddiesjinglebell Keep ‘em Sparkling Clean with Brush Buddies

These toothbrushes are only a small fraction of the superior oral hygiene products this company has available for your selection.

The Brush Buddies appeal to both sexes with a soft headed brush for children and firm grip.  They are available at many fine drug stores like CVS, grocery stores, and retail stores such as Wal-Mart.  Check out Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Pinterest for notifications on great sales that are available.  And as a special treat, for the loyal followers of this blog, Brush Buddies has provided us with a discount code: BBPR13 for 10% off via Brush Buddies.  All of the Brush Buddies are very reasonably priced and make excellent stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Get inspired.  Why not mix a bit of education with a little fun in your life and the life of your children with a talking, or singing Brush Buddies toothbrush.  Take a peek at their website to browse their huge selection of products.  And, don’t forget to take advantage of the discount available to our followers while you are there.



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  1. Dorothy Boucher says

    these are just too cute, and i like that they encourage children to keep brushing, because it is after all a very healthy thing to do .. thanks @tisonlyme143

  2. tamra gibson says

    Again, these r so so cute. Hate to admit it but I would like one. I think this company went above and beyond especially by making them talk it would be hard to beat that. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what character is on them but now talking toothbrushes has to be the way to go :)

  3. Cassandra Smith says

    My boys would love these, I love the look of them and think it would get them excited about brushing longer

  4. Nicole Becker says

    These are sooooo cute!!! Thank God my granddaughter actually likes to brush her teeth . I am gonna get one and put it in her stocking. We just saw the Smurfs at the movie theater so I am gonna get her that one. Happy Holidays!!

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