Help Put a Stop To Gestation Crates for Pigs

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I love animals of all shapes and sizes.  We currently have 4 dogs, 4 ducks, 3 cats, and 4 horses.  What can I say, we have to the love to give, and the room to allow them to run around and enjoy life.

I grew up on a ranch, we always had at least 20 animals.  Everything from chickens, to horses, and we love each and every one of them.

I know how the food chain works, and yes I eat meat.  However I do not agree with treating animals badly just because they are raised specifically for meat.  It’s wrong on so many levels.  If you have been around animals, and love them; I’m sure you will agree they have feelings and hearts too.  Then in no way deserve to experience being locked in crates, or pumped full of steroids to make them fatter.  it’s all a desperate act to make someones wallet thicker, and it sickens me.

stop Help Put a Stop To Gestation Crates for PigsDo you know what a gestation crate is?  it’s this tiny cage used to lock up breeding pig from their pork supply chains.  Growing up we owned several pigs, and they are pretty cool animals, and in no way don’t deserve to play in the mud.  Have you ever seen a pig roll around in the mud?  It’s not only good for them, but they love it.  Every living, breathing, creature deserves to enjoy life regardless of how short it is, or what they are being raised for.  There are plenty of ranchers that raise pigs, chickens, cows, etc for the same purpose.  They don’t find any reason to lock them up as if they are prisoners, why should food giants be allowed to get away with this.

Some food giants have announced that  they will eliminate gestation crates such as Burger King, Costco, and McDonald, but that’s not enough.  No animals should have to live this way.  I do understand there is pelnty of us that eat meat, but is the touched these animals suffer fair?  Shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy their life?  Criminals are locked in cages, not animals.

If you think this type of behavior is uncalled for and needs to stop, please join us.  All you have to do is enter a little information to make the pledge, agreeing that this is cruel and inhumane.  Sign on with us, and millions of animals loves worldwide, and help us put a stop to gestation crates for pigs.  they will stop gestation crates.  Click here to sign on with us.

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  1. Lisa F. says

    I’m a huge animal lover, too, and a vegetarian. In talking to a coworker a few years ago who was also a farmer (soy, not meat), he mentioned mixed feelings about banning gestation crates. If I understand correctly, if they are TOTALLY banned, this poses a risk to babies being trampled by the mothers. If that is true, then there needs to be some sort of clause that states they can only be used for breeding. Then you get into the appropriate amount of time to be bred, etc. At any rate, I wholly believe all animals deserve time for enrichment.

  2. Mya Murphy says

    Goodness, that would be a sad life for a pig. Thank you for saying something about it. I also care a lot about animals, and would love to put a stop to this, as well.

  3. desiree says

    if we were to butcher pig we just take them to the butcher we never put any amimal in crate and i had plenty

  4. md Kennedy says

    I have given up on the hope that all animals will be treated well, so I have made the decision to not eat meat, at all. I have signed.

  5. Anita L says

    This is such an extremely cruel and sad situation. I too love animals, with all my heart and under no circumstances should any of them suffer such an awful life because of us. I signed the petition and pray that more will so we can put a stop to this awful cruelty.

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