Has Your Adventure Started? #HHGetaway #Sponsored

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Yes, I’m back from Puerto Rico vacation.  It was so relaxing too.  Soon you will all be seeing lots of pictures from my adventure there and hearing about the activities that took place.  Speaking of adventures, isn’t it time for you to be on one?  You, yes you right there reading this right now.  I see you.  Your adventure is calling and I want to help you get it started.

HHonors NEW logo2 Has Your Adventure Started? #HHGetaway #SponsoredHilton HHonors in currently in the midst of their Great Getaway Giveaway.  Right now through July 7th, 2013 is their Adventure Package.  For a change to win, visit Hilton HHonors Great Getaway Giveaway.  Here’s what you will see at the top of the page.

Fullscreen capture 6262013 63921 PM.bmp 1024x369 Has Your Adventure Started? #HHGetaway #Sponsored

In order to have a chance at winning, all you need to do is, each and every day visit the #HHGetaway Great Getaway Giveaway site.  Out of the four locations shown, vote on which you would like to see as the winning site.  Then enter your email address, cross your fingers, and depending on how your luck runs, go ahead and pack your bags.  Every two weeks a new trip is being offered as a prize.  After Adventure is Culture, and finally will be Food and Wine, yummy!  That’s three travel destinations and so three winners.  You better get voting now.  Don’t forget to vote everyday too.

Here are the locations to choose from for Adventure:

Fullscreen capture 6262013 63852 PM.bmp 1024x807 Has Your Adventure Started? #HHGetaway #SponsoredWhich location is calling you?  Myrtle Beach in South Carolina or how about a trip to Costa Rica?  I’ve heard they have great coffee (Puerto Rico does too).  Perhaps Orlando, Florida is more your style or maybe getting away to Whistler, Canada.  The winning location is decided by you, all of you who enter and vote.

Good luck everyone!  Oh and if you can’t wait to find out if you’ve won, no worries, your adventure can start even sooner.  Right now Hilton HHonors has amazing deals and specials available with their #HHGetaway Great Getaway Campaign.  There really has never been a better time to travel.  Whether you like to choose by destination or by offer, Hilton HHonors has made getting away this summer easier than ever, and for some unbelievable deals too.

Travel’s calling, will you answer?  I don’t know about you, but it’s calling me back!  I’m headed to go and enter this awesome giveaway here.

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    • says

      Be sure to vote every day Barb! Hilton HHonors still has THREE trips to give away. It would be awesome if at least one of those went to one of our readers. The Adventure trip is up right now and voting on that one runs for just a couple more day through the 7th of July. Then up next is the Culture trip. Good luck to you and everyone!!!

  1. Karen Hand says

    Can’t wait to see all your pictures. I love looking at pictures of places I haven’t been. Gives me an idea of what to look forward to, if by chance, I am ever able to visit those sites.

    • says

      Thanks Karen. I sure did take a lot of pictures. For the short time I was there, I ended up with over 350 pictures. hehehe Puerto Rico is amazing. I highly recommend it as a place to visit. I promise, you all will get to “vacation” there via my post soon. It is coming, fear not! When it’s up, I’ll encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip!

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I’ve been entering this giveawy because my husband and i could really use a vacation getaway. I’ll be waiting to hear about your vacation. I like the Hilton Hotels/motels.

    • says

      Jo-Ann, please vote every day! Don’t forget. We’d love to have one of our readers win. I hope to be telling you all about my trip to Puerto Rico soon. Although the time there was short, a lot was done and a great time was had by all. I took an abundant amount of pictures too. Trying to decide which ones to use in the final post is really hard. Keep entering the #HHGetaway Great Getaway Giveaway. Good luck every one!!!

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