Halloween #Recipes: Make Black Cat Cupcakes for Halloween

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It’s time to get started on Halloween Recipes!  I know it might be a little early to start coming up with some fun Halloween recipes, but it’s one of my favorite holidays is Halloween!  There’s something about the kids getting dressed up, and all the fun baking I do for the spooky holiday!  One of my favorite things to make is black cat cupcakes for Halloween!  This is one thing that I get request for from the kids, and teachers every single year!

Have you ever done anything yummy, and spooky for Halloween?  There’s some many things you can make for Halloween, and I love all the cupcakes ideas for Halloween.  Since I am finally home, I have time to play and bake fun things for Halloween this year.  I cannot wait, which is why I decided to make my black cat cupcakes and share them with you.  Sure it’s a little early, but baking is fun this time of year, and the cooler it gets the more you will notice I bake.  If you have been looking for a black cat cupcakes ideas for Halloween I hope it brings loads of fun to your family.  Let’s get started

Halloween Black Cat Cupcakes List

Black Cat Cupcakes 1024x661 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for Halloween

  • Cake Mix – I took the easy route, and bought cake mix to make my cupcakes.  Really you can make or purchase any kind or color of cake mix you like.  My family love chocolate, plus it fits the whole back cake cupcake theme nicely.
  • Hershey’ Chocolate – You can choose to purchase the whole candy bar or the miniatures like I did.  Again, this just depends on what you would rather do.
  • Chocolate Sprinkles – You’re going to cover all your cupcakes in black sprinkles.  Be sure you have plenty.
  • Frosting – You can use any flavor you want and use food coloring to make it black, or do it the easy way and use chocolate frosting.  You can make your own, or get your favorite chocolate frosting from the store.
  • 1 bag Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Bag of Candy Corn – Be sure it’s the original Candy Corns.  You’re going to want the yellow color.
  • Black Writing Gel

How to Make Black Cat Cupcakes for Halloween

Okay, now that you have everything you need it’s time to start.  This is where it get super fun!  Who’s ready to start making some super awesome Black Cat Cupcakes?  I know I am, so lets get started!

Chocolate Cupcakes 1024x729 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for Halloween


First you’re going to make your cake.  You will either follow the directions on the box, or you can make your own chocolate cupcakes.  If you’re looking for a cook chocolate cupcakes recipe you can use this Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe.

Halloween Cupcakes Ideas 1024x682 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for HalloweenOnce you’re finished mixing your cake mix simply pour your cup cake mix into your prepared muffin pan lined with paper baking cups.  I always fill paper baking cups about halt way full.

Black Cat Cupcake Ideas 1024x733 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for HalloweenBake your cupcakes as required by the recipe you are using.  The fun begins.

Frosting Cupcakes 1024x829 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for HalloweenAllow your cupcakes to cool before frosting them.  It’s okay if they are a little warm, but you do not want to melt the frosting.  You want the frosting to be room temperature so it can hold the sprinkles, ears, and everything else in place.  Be sure to use heavy frosting, it works better to hold things in place.

Now that we have the cupcakes frosted and ready to decorate let’s get started on my favorite part.  DECORATING, and bringing the Black Cake Cupcakes to life!

Fun ideas for Halloween 1024x733 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for HalloweenFirst you are going to cover your cupcake with sprinkcles.  I always make sure I have a new large jar of sprinkles before tackling 24 of theses kitty cat cupcakes.  I guess you could leave them off if you are using chocolate frosting, but in my opinion they look so much better with the sprinkles.

Fun cupcakes 1024x701 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for HalloweenTip that jar of sprinkles upside down and shake sprinkles all over the top.  I’m sure you will notice it’s hard to get the sides good.  It’s okay to use the extra spinkles that fall and roll the edges of your cupcake in them.  Be sure to completely cover the cupcake with sprinkesl.  You don’t want to see any of the frosting.

How to make black cake cupcakes 1024x732 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for HalloweenNext you will take your Hershy minitues and cup them in little kitty ear shpaes like the one above.  They do not have to be perfect just resemble a cats ear.

How To Make Halloween Cupcakes 1024x824 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for Halloween


Choose which part of the cupcake you are going to use as the top of the cats head and place an ear inside the frosting.  You might need to push it into the cake part of the cupcake a bit, and if for some reason it will not stay it is always okay to use a little frosting to help.  Once you are done just grab a few sprinkles and cover it up.  I have one ear applied in the above picture.  Then place the 2nd ear about 1/2 away from the 1st ear on either side, or until you think it look right.

Next you will need your candy corn.  This part is easy, just cute the yellow part of your candy corn out.  You will need two for each cupcake.  Now place them where the cats eyes will go.

Grab one of your chocolate chips for the cats nose and place it right in the middle.

Use your black Writing Gel to drawn wiskers coming off the chocllate chip you used as the nose.

Make Halloween cupcakes for kids 1024x837 Halloween #Recipes:  Make Black Cat Cupcakes for HalloweenYou are done!  You now have a super cute, or totally spooky (depending n the time of year) black cat cupcake.

Be sure to be on the lookout for more awesome Halloween recipes!

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  1. says

    How cute, ou can also make spider ones. use chocolatre covered pretzels for legs….an hourglass made out of fruit roll up if u want to do black widow. Use a chocolate kiss for head and then do the ees…real cute

  2. Jessica Blankenship says

    Jenn those are adorable! I am definitely gonna have to link up to this when I do my Halloween round-up! I’ve seen some cute stuff I want to make, plus link up to others’ that I think are cute!! :)
    Jessica Blankenship recently posted..Cariloha Bamboo Sheets GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This is a great recipe and I can understand why you always get requests for it. The black cat looks adorable or scary depending on what you want

    • says

      the best tasting ears ever lol… it’s suepr easy and loads of fun, we always make them a little early because we are excited to get the baking season started lol

  4. Nena Sinclair says

    These are so cute! This is a great project to do with my grandchildren! I can’t wait and I know they’ll love doing it, too!

  5. says

    Those are really cute! I have had custody of my now 5 yr old granddaughter, “Jaslyn” since January this year, and we are still finding things she loves to do like this! Thanks Girl!!!! My youngest son is 33 yrs old and we are starting over now. Raising the little ones seems to be one of your specialties, I get a lot of ideas off of your blog. And your kids giveaways are great, she loves them!!!

  6. M.Clark says

    Mmmmm, I LOVE chocolate!! But I don’t like candy corn so I think I’ll use jelly beans instead, thank you for posting this great recipe!!!

  7. lisa says

    If this is a duplicate please delete it. My internet was in and out earlier so I don’t know if it went through. This is a really cute idea. And, it’s easy. There are so many possibilities for Halloween cupcakes.

  8. cheryl lister says

    Very cute! I’m a little scared of those squeeze tube thingies – haven’t
    had a lot of success using them – but I can probably handle straight lines for whiskers!

  9. lisa says

    Those are cute. I see why the kids request them. They don’t seem difficult to make either. What a fun Halloween treat!

  10. Emily Hudson says

    These are amazing! I love anything cat related though. Can’t wait to make these – the yellow eyes are so clever too.

  11. Robin Quick says

    My hubby has been into baking lately to satisfy his sweet tooth so I will be sure to share this post with him. They are so cute & look yummy!

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