Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!

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 Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!JUST DANCE DISCLOSURE Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!

FUN VIDEO GAMES FOR KIDS JUST DANCE 2014 FOR KIDS Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!My kids love to dance, sing, and have fun.  They get their musical talents from their father, because I cannot sing, or dance to save my life.  I will try to dance, especially when my toddler and I are moving it to Just Dance Kids 2014!  Its loads of fun, and my kids want to JUST DANCE every single day!  My son with Cerebral Palsy loves, and I mean LOVES Just Dance Kids 2014!  He might be in a wheel chair, but that doesn’t stop the excitement, and most importantly his moving his arms and that darn smile! All my kids love it, but Bud is obsessed!

I have to admit, I love our Wii because of the great games kids can play, like Just Dance 2014 for Kids!  I know I am always talking about educational games for my kids, but what about those games that make our kids get up and move, especially during the winter months when they are trapped inside?

I have to be honest, WE LOVE JUST DANCE, and it’s one of my favorite Wii games for kids!!!  So I’m not going to fib to you, going into this I was very confident we would be just as happy with Just Dance 2014!  What’s not fun about wiggling, and shaking your booty, especially during the winter when you are stuck inside?

JUST DANCE KIDS 793x1024 Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!Just Dance Kids 2014 is Great Physical Activity – Typically I tell my kids to go outside and play, they are allowed to play video games, and watch TV, but only for a certain amount of time each day.  Well, with it being winter, and SUPER cold outside, it’s harder for them to go outside.  Sure they are good at being creative, but being creative doesn’t give them the physical activity that they need.  Just Dance 2014 is a GREAT way to get the kids up, movie, and having fun.  From my toddler, to my teen, and even my handicap son love to play Just Dance.

KID PLAYING JUST DANCE 1024x851 Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!Just Dance Kids 2014 is a Fun Workout – I have been working out, but for the most part walking and jogging outside.  Well our cold months finally hit, so my daily walks have stopped.  Luckily we have Just Dance 2014, because it’s been a great way for mom to get up and move too!

Just Dance Kids 2014 is Fun for the Family – In the past week we have all had fun with Just Dance Kids 2014 together.  Even did is shaking his booty.  I even heard that on Thanksgiving grandma and grandpa were playing Just Dance Kids 2014 with the kids.  I wouldn’t know because I passed out when nobody was looking, but the kids told me it was a blast, lol.

DANCING 1024x721 Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!Kids Have Fun Together – This really matters to me, because Bud often isn’t able to do things the girls can do.  It’s great to see him like Just Dance 2014 as much as he does, and I think the reason he likes it so much is because he gets to have fun with his sisters.  So amazing to see all 4 of them having fun together, and listen to Bud scream because he’s so excited.  If you watch the video you’ll hear him.  That was the 1st time he played it, he’s been playing it every single day with the girls.

Helps Bud Stretch – When Buds just sits still he holds his arms up close to his body, and they get stiff.  Dressing him is hard, taking his jacket off or anything else that requires straightening his arms.  When he plays just dance he is working VERY hard to straighten his arms, and he’s doing it because he wants too.  It’s awesome, and I see him being able to do a little more every single day!

It’s Harder Than You Think – Yes, I’m saying it!  Some of the dances are easy, but it’s much harder than I thought it would have been.  When we first got it I remember thinking mom was going to kick some kids booty, hummmm NOPE my toddler is the best dancer out of all of us.  Yes, but it’s only because she is in dance class three days a week, lol.  Mattie is the dancer of the family, she might be only 3, but when it comes to playing Just Dance Kids 2014 she ROCKS!!  It’s funny but, my teen, me and my husband are the worst ones.  WE cannot beat Vayda and Mattie’s high score…  Maybe they are somehow offering cookies, lol.

WII GAMES FOR KIDS 877x1024 Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!Just Dance Kids 2014 is FUN - I love that it’s competitive, but fun.  The kids bicker, but never fight.  Vayda things she is cool, and it finally gives her something to be better at than her big sister, and she doesn’t let Catie forget it!  It’s a feel good feeling for Vayda, and she needs that.  It’s just fun for the whole family, and it’s great because we are all up and moving!

JUST DANCE WII GAME FOR KIDS 1024x649 Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!About Just Dance Kids 2014

Just Dance Kids 2014 is packed with over 30 fun songs for kids!  It’s the coolest game we have played in a while.  If you’re wondering about the music, there’s several great songs for the little ones, older, and kids of all ages, this is where I find my exercise in disguise!  There’s songs for everyone, it’s kid-friendly, all of my kids love it and they range from 3 to 15, mom loves it, and dad dances too.  My kids love to show off their moves, my two oldest girls are in a battle over the reward points!  My oldest things Vayda is paying off the Dance Director with cookies, lol.  That was their latest argument anyway.

  • Fraggle Rock (Take me back why don’t you, I love this)
  • Put Your Hands Up
  • Give Your Heart A Break
  • Hit the Lights
  • One Thing
  • Reedy or Not
  • Problem
  • Day-O (MOM’s FAV)
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Moms other Fav)
  • I Like To Move It (Who am I kidding, they are all great, lol)
  • Fireflies
  • The Hustle
  • Get Down On It
  • Magic Carpet Ride
  • And MORE

SEE, there is some good songs.  You don’t even realize that you’re doing anything, until your arms start to give.  That’s been what I feel first, and it’s such a good feeling to have sore arms!

THE NEW JUST DANCE GAME 1024x592 Get Your Kids Moving With Just Dance Kids 2014, Adults Can Move Too!Has on-screen lyrics to help the kids learn the words to the songs so they can sing along, or drive mom bonkers singing in the car lol.  Either way it’s fun!  They can also create custom playlists so they never stop dancing, and arguing because they need more room, lol.  Mostly because my 3-year-old thinks she has her own movies and ends up kicking someone when she does this spiny thing she does.  AWESOME 4 Player Corporative Gameplay, we just need one more remote!  In the lower right hand corner you will see which moves are coming up so you can try to keep up, and get the high score, but since he takes cookies you might want to get cookies too lol.  Darn kids, I’m not sure where that came from.

I was going to do a video review, but what’s better than seeing how much fun my kids have together?  Rather than listening to me tell you what I think is great about Just Dance Kids 2014 I thought I would just show you..  Here’s a kind of long video of my kids having fun dancing to Just Dance Kids 2014!  If you are looking for the FUN gift idea for the kids that’s affordable, and helps them get up and move during the winter months than I recommend checking out Just Dance Kids 2014!  It’s been great for my kids, and I honestly cannot think of anything to complain about, other than I wish I was a better dancer lol!

You can learn more about Just Dance Kids 2014, or grab your own copy here.  Be sure to check out the Ubisoft Blog.  If you’re interested in grabbing your own copy of Just Dance Kids 2014 you can grab it on or  Be sure to swing by and “Like” Just Dance Game on Facebook.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. M.Clark says

    I watched the video, and this looks like a really fun game/workout. This is definitely something for children of all ages, I would love to give this a try. Thank you for this review

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