Fun Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas For The Kids: Spooky String Cheese

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It’s almost Halloween, my toddler and I have been getting creative in the kitche, and trying to come up with some fun healthy Halloween snack ideas for the kids.

My kids love that I am home, almost as much as I enjoy being here.  I now have time for everything, or so they think lol.  They ask me to cook, bake, or be the one to bring some type of fun healthy snack idea when they have parties for school.  I have to start playing around early, because my kitchen creativity is a little rusty.

This year I promised the kids I would make their classes a something fun for Halloween.  So I am playing around, and coming up with different snack ideas for the kids.  It also gives me and Madisyn something fun to do together while the other kids are at school.

Madisyn and I have been having a blast in the kitchen, making all kinds of new, fun and interesting things for her to eat, and share with you.  She asks me almost daily what we are going to make for the blog, and if she can be the taste tester. I don’t have a problem with her being my taster, but it also made me realize I need to come up with some fun healthy snack ideas too.  I told you my kitchen creativity was rusty, lol.

Fun Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas For The Kids

Spooky String Cheese

My kids love string cheese, and I honest cannot blame them.  It’s good, and so much better than a cookie….

1x1.trans Fun Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas For The Kids: Spooky String Cheese

What can I say, I decided to start out easy with a snack my kids love.  String Cheese!!!  Madisyn and I turned one of her favorite snacks into a fun Halloween Snack!

Making the Spooky String Cheese is so easy, and the kids just love it.

What you are going to need:

  • String Cheese
  • Knife
  • Black Writing Gel  (you can get creative and use anything you have around the house.)

How to turn your everyday String Cheese into a fun healthy Halloween snack for the kids:

  • Cut the bottom of the String Cheese so there is 6 different section.  You will cut three times vertical, and three times horizontal almost to the middle of the cheese stick.  It will look like an octopus at first lol.  Madisyn told me it looked like Squidward from Sponge Bob lol.
  • Now use your Writing Gel and draw on two little dots for eyes, and a circle for the mouth.  Remember you do not have to use the writing gel, use anything you have lying around the house, that is editable of course.

1x1.trans Fun Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas For The Kids: Spooky String Cheese

You are done!  Super fun, and totally easy!  I really did not think String Cheese could get more fun, or taste better, but my daughter Madisyn says this is the best String Cheese EVER!  She told me that it taste so much better this way, and that I was the coolest mom in the whole wide world for making her Pooky (not a typo it is how she says spooky) String Cheese, lol.  I love it when she tells me things like that.  She knows I am putty in her hands when she says things like that lol.

If you are looking for other fun Halloween recipes, you can check out our Black Cat Halloween Cupckaes, and be sure to be on the lookout for more fun recipes.

What fun, healthy snack ideas do you have?  If you have one please feel free to leave a comment, or you can reach out to me at jenn@jennsblahblahblog if you would like to see about it being featured on Jenns Blah Blah Blog!

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  1. Cärolin says

    Clever and simple. Young ones would definitely enjoy this. It’s good to make fun snacks out of foods other than sweets, because this way kids learn to appreciate and accept healthy and wholesome meals instead of artificial treats.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This is such a cute, easy and appropriate healthy snack for Halloween or any other time. I am curious as to what other Halloween snack you shall create.

  3. Kristina L.. says

    This is a really cute idea! I would have never thought of that! and quick and easy. Last year my boys and I made popcornball eyeballs, was really fun!

  4. Tamra Gibson says

    This is so awesome easy and cute. I must say I also love string cheese. Sometimes I wish I lived at your house. It looks so fun there and the food always sounds great. It must be like Disney World inside those walls. I am gonna try the Halloween deserts with the half of banana and eyes same thing like the cheese

    • says

      I just did ghosts using bananas and white chocolate.. suepr fun me and my daughter had a blast… The way I look at things is we only live once, my kids are only kids once, and we are going to enjoy the hell out of it… but the kids ahve to be good first lol… I’m very strict too… sometimes I feel bad lol

  5. ANN*H says

    These are really cute. They look really easy to make too. I always look for fun foods for the kids and Halloween parties. Thanks for the idea.

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