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Kozzi like hand 408 X 318 Facebook Guidelines for Using Rafflecopter Giveaway PlatformIf you run a giveaway, sweepstakes, or contest of any form using Facebook I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Facebook guidelines.  Well really they’re not new at all, they’re the same old guidelines we’ve been using.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been doing it all wrong myself.  I too was under the impression adding “Like” pages was okay.  NOPE it’s not.

It’s important to completely understand Facebook Guidelines.  We all know they can be a bit confusing, and nobody wants’ to break the rules and chance loosing their Facebook Page(s).  We work so hard for them, building up those numbers, chatting with our readers, and sharing all our awesome blog posts.  Let’s face it regardless of how bad we dislike Facebook’s guidelines it’s their website, therefore we have to play by their rules. 

Back to the “NEW” Facebook Guidelines.

I was thinking and I remembered back in August reading an awesome post on Rafflecopter’s Blog.  It really explained Facebook’s Giveaway and Contest Rules and Regulations.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve found them rather confusing, lol.  Either way Rafflecopter’s post – Facebook Giveaway / Contest Rules & Regulations Explained really helped me understand how everything worked.  So I went back and read it, I also sent Greg over at Rafflecopter an email.

Rafflecopter works closely with Facebook.  They don’t want to break any rules. Check this out, this is my understanding of Facebook’s rules, it even says it right in their guidelines as well.

There’s no question we all know that any giveaway or promotion that include Facebook need the following:

  • Complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant
  • Acknowledgement that the promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, associated, or administered by Facebook
  • Disclosure

Check this out, so we know we’re not allowed to use the act of “liking” a page to automatically register or enter a giveaway.

Rafflecopter is aware of this!  When someone clicks the “like” button on the Rafflecopter form it does not mean they are automatically entered into the giveaway.  All they’re doing is Kozzi online marketing puzzle shows websites and blogs 367 X 353 Facebook Guidelines for Using Rafflecopter Giveaway Platformpresenting a simple way for entrants that are not already fans to become one.  They still have to confirm that they are a fan.  They still have to hit the “I’m a Fan” button, which is the actual entry into the giveaway.  The “I’m a Fan” button is that big green button they use to confirm they are in fact a fan.  They don’t get the entry for hitting “like”, they get it for already being a fan. So that means having the “like” button on the Rafflecopter form is okay to do, but making the “like” button an entry into the contest is not.

I’ve heard so many different things, I honestly didn’t know what to believe you read so many different bloggers posts.  I wanted to know what the answer was for myself.  I also emailed the wonderful people over at Raffleocpter, I just wanted to see if things changed for myself.

The email I received from Rafflecopter did in fact say that their post – Facebook Giveaway / Contest Rules & Regulations Explained still holds true!  Here is the actual response I received.  All I wanted to know is if their post was still in fact correct, that there was no changes.

Hey Jenn -

This post on our blog still holds true: http://blog.rafflecopter.com/2012/08/facebook-giveaway-rules-regulations/

Let me know if you have any questions!

- Greg

So there you have it, adding Facebook to the actual Rafflecopter giveaway is TOTALLY COOL!  It’s when you start adding a bunch on a “like page”.  Sure it’s more convenient for large giveaways, but we just cannot do it.

So what does that mean for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog?  GAME ON, STILL TONS OF GIVEAWAYS!  I’m honestly happy that I can still offer giveaways to my awesome readers, sure it’s nice to grow my Facebook page, but I don’t think it’s the real reason we hold these giveaways.  It’s to reward our readers for taking the time to visit our blogs daily, weekly, monthly. Besides, how many other social media accounts do we have.  It might not be so bad to focus on the others.

However, on the big events I hold we’re going to have to offer free links Twitter, Pinterest, Mom Blog Society, Networked Blogs, RSS, Newsletters, etc. Sure Facebook is great for marketing, but there is so much more opportunity out there.  It’s probably a good thing we’re focusing on more than just Facebook.

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  1. says

    Thank you SOOOOO much for this!!! As a blog owner who runs giveaways, I had always thought that facebook meant the pages on blogs that have TONS of like buttons…period. Not necessarily the ‘like’ on the rafflecopter. It’s nice to get some real clarification on this matter! I’m also glad for the link you posted, rafflecopter explaining it…after reading that, I feel fully informed, and happy to be able to post my next giveaway… and to Facebook no less!!
    So thank you! I hope all the rest of the blogs out there who are banning facebook links right now read this! I know I’m glad I did!!

    Marianne Sandling
    Sandling All Day

    • says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it… Yes, it’s good to know I asked RC because I remembered reading a post and knew they worked closely with FB… I was excited to know, I am not banning Fb however I am not making it a freebie, people have to buy into the giveaway for a few bucks then they can have any links they want… I would hate to have a huge RC, lol with 250 blogs on it omg no way!thank you for your comment, I am glad to see that it helped!

  2. says

    Great post…I am considering adding rafflecopter to my blog, but was super confused on all the rules and if it’s even worth it for smaller giveaways… Thanks for the info. (I’m still on the fence)

    • says

      I understand, however I do trust that RC will do everything to stay in compliance with Facebook and I know they work together to be sure they are doing things correctly. I agree about being on the fence, but I think adding FB to the Rc will be okay until Facebook changed their mind.

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