We Love Fabkids!! look At Our Awesome Outfit Pick For December !

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Finding cool quality clothes for boys is difficult to say the least. When I find a clothing store that offers unique, fashionable, inexpensive clothes for boys, I jump at the opportunity and snag them up!! This year FabKids introduced their exclusive line of boy’s clothes, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was!!  I’m so happy I joined FabKids! Each month we get a new quality outfit at an affordable price! We Love FabKids!

FabKids Logo 11 We Love Fabkids!! look At Our Awesome Outfit Pick For December !

This month I let my 6-year-old grandson pick his outfit from the FabKids website. He chose the Rock’in Skulls outfit in a size 7. The outfit he chose is so awesome, he couldn’t wait to show all the kids at school!! I am pleased with the fit and style of this really cool FabKids outfit. I also love the softness and comfort. The fabric is a nice weight, sturdy without being too thick. My grandson can be a bit choosy when it comes to his clothes. I can honestly tell you I have had no complaints from him regarding any of his FabKids outfits!! As a matter of fact, he will now choose his own clothes and prefers his FabKids clothes!! I’ll sneek in and give a little peek as he is looking at himself in the mirror wearing his FabKids outfit. I love to see the excitement in his face as he’s checking his FabKids self out!!

Being a parent on a budget, I’m always looking for quality children’s clothing at low prices. Sometimes I’ve found that the clothing had been marked down due to a defect or some sort of irreugularity..UGH!! Never with FabKids!! You will always be purchasing high quality fashionable clothes!! Every outfit includes 3 pieces. This one included the following;

FabKids is a part of JustFab’s fashion club, started by a team of parents including mom and actress Christina Applegate. FabKids is a monthly clothing outfit club designed for girls and boys ages 2-12. Their line of ready-to-play outfits are personalized just for your FabKid!

Here are a few qualities I love about FabKids:

  • There are only three simple steps to becoming a member,
  • Create A Style profile- by taking a short quiz so they can get to know your FabKid. 
  • Shop your outfit picks-each month you’ll see new 3 piece outfits for only $39.95 styled just for your child.
  • Receive your new outfit-all outfits ship free and are delivered within a week!!
  • There is never any obligation to buy, if you choose you can skip the outfit pick for the month.
  • All their clothing is adorable, stylish, fashionable and of the highest quality.
  • Everything is a good size, their size charting is on the mark!
  • They have both boy/girl clothing and accessories.
  • You can also buy each piece individually, so if you see a great pair of pants or an awesome tee you like no problem you can add it to your cart.

I absolutely love FabKids, and highly recommend them to everyone!! The quality is amazing, and you can’t beat their prices! Where else can you get a quality 3 piece fashionable, stylish outfit every month for only $39.95?

Right now they are having a buy one outfit get one free deal going on!! What are you waiting for? JOIN FABKIDS TODAY!

Be sure you stay connected to FabKids so not to miss out on your chance for quality fashionable children’s clothing! You can do this by following all their social networks,

WebsiteFacebookTwitter & Pinterest.


  1. JoAnn Brightmasn says

    These outfits look adorable , but I wouldn’t buy a new outfit at that price every month , even if my kids were still very young.

  2. Lisa says

    I’ve been a member of FabKids since it started and the only complaint I’ve had is that the fabrics tend to be a bit on the thin side. I don’t mind paying $40 for an outfit but the quality hasn’t always been spot on!

  3. Deborah D says

    I think $40is expensive for one outfit. I would never spend that on kids clothes especially since they grow out of them so fast. If it were for a special occasion yes. For school no.

  4. Christina Kelbel says

    They are WAY to expensive for us. We cannot afford to pay $40 for one single outfit. I can get 3 whole outfits for that price elsewhere but they are cute.

    • debbie says

      I agree but I do suppose the quality is good but small children grow out of clothes way to fast to spend that kind of money on a single outfit.

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