Cute Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice Recipe

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Okay so one of the girls from work came to work with these super cute little Cute Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice!  What a cute idea isn’t it!  So cute that I had to share.  We all love Chocolate Covered Cherries right?  I sure hope so, if not they’re still fun to make and a great treat for you party, for those that do love them.  These Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice are super easy to make, and loads of fun.  I made some with my kids this weekend.  We made a mess, laughed a lot, and all cleaned up together.  We had a blast doing it, and the reward was super sweet!  They’re almost so cute you don’t want to eat them, lol.  I hope you enjoy!

2012 12 26 08 45 40 455 zps4671454c Cute Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice Recipe

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  1. Kathy Smith says

    I love chocolate covered cherries and these mice are the cutest thing. Already pinned for Christmas 2013. thanks for recipe.

  2. chelesa sims says

    these are really cute. I might make them to freak out my daughter an dof course they look really good to eat

  3. Kathy Idol says

    This are so cute! I think I will make these for my granddaughters when they come to see us the next time. Thanks for sharing this!

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