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1x1.trans Commenting On Comments...How To Get Yours SeenHow is your relationship with Google these days?  Is it where you can’t live without it and simply would go mad if you couldn’t search it to your heart’s content filling your mind with knowledge for that Thursday night Trivia contest at the bar down the street you keep meaning to go to?  Or rather do you despise it and prefer sounding like a cowboy or someone answering the phone when searching for information?  Regardless of how you feel about our beloved Google, we at JennsBlahBlahBlog have a great relationship with Google.  In fact, you’re able to read JennsBlahBlahBlog because of Google.

1x1.trans Commenting On Comments...How To Get Yours Seen


So why is this post suddenly appearing?  Well, sometimes we see comments that we can’t approve.  No, it’s not because someone said words they shouldn’t, but rather it’s because they didn’t say enough words.  In order for your comments to be accepted they have to be a minimum of five words.  Google thinks they are spam otherwise.

For example, if you’re making a comment on a post asking you what your favorite candy is, “Snickers” wouldn’t be approved, but “Snickers is my favorite candy.” would be.  We’re not trying to create work for you, our dear readers, but rather we enjoy hearing from you and seeing what you have to say.  Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen if you’re short on words.

1x1.trans Commenting On Comments...How To Get Yours Seen

Is my comment long enough? Think 5, words or more that is.

Next time we ask what you like most about summer, please enlighten us and tell us about the time you spend with family or the trip you take to visit Grandma every year.  However, if all you say is “It’s hot.,” well, we like that too about summer, but we all might not get to see that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  You all are so important to us and we really do love hearing from you.

1x1.trans Commenting On Comments...How To Get Yours Seen

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  1. tamra gibson says

    I commented on Google but also wanted to make sure you were aware of just how much you gals amaze me. I could talk and talk forever even when I write I’m talking but I love to know theses types of things. I’m sure there are a lot of people that were clueless about it. Thanks for taking time for things small & big for us fans

  2. Tina says

    Thank you for sharing this information! I was not aware that our comments have to be 5 words so now that I know I will make sure that each time i comment on a post I will see to it that it is 5 words or more. Thanks again.

    • says

      You’re so welcome Tina. We love hearing from you and all our readers. What you have to say is important and so we want to make sure all your comments come through.

    • says

      You’re quite welcome Veronica. We appreciate your understanding too. Our readers always have such great things to say, and you are no exception. We just want to make sure we always get to see what you write. Can’t wait to see what you have to say next! Thanks for being such a great reader Veronica.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I needed to read this because I didn’t realize that a comment like It’s hot would be elimionated. I’ll try to make my comments longer . Thanks

    • says

      You’re welcome Jo-Ann. Again, we like to see what everyone has to say. Also, sometimes for giveaways comments are asked for. Unfortunately if they are seen as too short, they don’t always come through. Thank you for making the effort. You’re a great reader and we really appreciate you!

  4. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Wow, that is really good to know. I had no idea. It makes me wonder how many times I’ve commented and it didn’t get approved. In fact, just today there was a question asking our favorite color or something like that and i left a one word answer. Thanks for the info!

    • says

      You’re quite welcome Jennifer. It’s nice to know this was appreciated. It was definitely not meant to be scolding or nagging. Again, we love our readers. We know you all have something to say or you wouldn’t comment. These aren’t our rules, but rather ones we have to follow. Thank you for being so understanding. :) You’re quite the commenter by the way. Your next comment will be number 100! Congrats in advance and thank you for being such a great reader.

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