Change it up with Wise Décor

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Spice up your holidays with a new wall decal from Wise Décor in your favorite quote, or create your own saying.

Change it up with Wise Décor  

Sometimes you just need a change in your life.  Day after day, we follow the same routine.  Get up, get dressed, go to work, come home from work, make dinner, clean the dishes, take a shower and then go to bed.  It’s the same thing.  What a boring life this would be if you followed the same routine.  The repetitious schedules we keep lead you to become bored very quickly.

I have always been told that variety is the spice of life. It certainly makes life more interesting.  The same is true for your décor.  For years, I had beige walls.  Although I attempted to bring some other colors into my home, I still ended up with the beige walls.  How boring that was.  So, I took it upon myself to take a chance with another color.  To my amazement, my husband was pleased with my color selection, but they are still plain walls.  That is where Wise Décor comes in to rescue me from the humdrum.

Wise Décor is a company that manufacturers wall decals.  But the decals are not your ordinary decals.  The Wise Décor decals are unique in that they offer such a tremendous selection of quotes.  They also offer you the option to create your own saying on the decal.  Your new Wise Décor decals come complete with your letterings, complete instructions, a squeegee tool and practice lettering.  The Wise Décor decals can be printed in practically any font and color of your choice, as well as various sizes.  Thanks to the generosity of Wall Décor Decorative Lettering, I selected a pre-designed quote: “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.”

The actual application process of your new decal is simple with the use of just a couple tools, which I am sure that you have on-hand already.  You will need a pencil, masking tape and a ruler or level.  Additionally, if your lettering is longer than 30 inches, it might be beneficial to seek the assistance of another individual to help.  You will want to make sure that the wall where you plan to attach your decal is free and clear of any dust or dirt in order that the decal adheres properly.

wisedecor1 Change it up with Wise Décor

Using the help of my husband, a level, masking tape and pencil, I centered and attached the decal to the wall, taking extra precaution with securing the top of the decal with masking tape.

wisedecor2 Change it up with Wise Décor

After making sure the decal was centered and level, I pulled the decal upward from the backing and then removed the backing and flipped the letter back down.

wisedecor3 Change it up with Wise Décor

To guarantee the decal did not move during the transfer process, I again applied masking tape to the bottom of the decal and then used the tool to transfer the lettering to the wall.  The process was quite simple.  I used a bit of pressure when “rubbing” the lettering to make sure it adhered to the wall.

wisedecor4 Change it up with Wise Décor

Then following the instructions, I slowly pulled away the backing in an upward motion to display the decal.

wisedecor5 Change it up with Wise Décor

The decal applied.

wisedecor6 Change it up with Wise Décor

As my walls are quite tall, I hung this wire based picture to complete the look.  I simply love the result.

Years ago, I had another brand of decals in my kitchen, but when it came time to take them down, it was another story.  What a mess.  While I followed the instructions to the letter, I had a terrible time removing the decals.  That’s why I am so happy that when the time comes to remove the Wise Décor decal, it will simply peel off.  Unfortunately, though, the decal is not reusable.

You can find loads of information on Wise Décor Decorative Lettering on their Facebook page, as well as Pinterest, and Twitter.

Wise Décor wall quotes are a great and inexpensive way to decorate.  What is so nice with Wise Décor is the fact that you can obtain the exact decal that you want, so you don’t have to settle on a second choice.  Be sure to brighten up your walls this holiday season with your favorite quote or saying in your choice of fonts and coloring.  These make an excellent holiday gift as well for your loved ones.




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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I really like the look of this decal with the wall hanging on your wall. I have never used decals and maybe I shall start now . First I shall look over the selc=ection there.

  2. rebecca says

    I love those ideas. They are simple yet nice and that is definitely something that would make a world of difference when you are finally bored with something. Lovely

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’ve been thinking of using decals on the walls in my new flat. Still have to wait for the builder to finish putting things right and then…..

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