Why I Love My Tsubos and I Promise You Will Love Yours Too


 Tsubo Shoes Will Amaze You Too! Of course having not seen Tsubos before I was unsure of what to expect when these arrived at our house. I was impressed with how they looked, with the nice even stitching and the type of leather that was used. The leather was soft but still was thick enough to hold shape and for me to know that the sandals are going to hold up well and really be something … [Read more...]

Keep Those Digits Warm with Heat Holders


What’s the old saying…. Warm hands, warm heart, or something like that?  You won’t have to worry about keeping your hands warm with a pair of the Heat Holders gloves. Keep Those Digits Warm with Heat Holders  While I enjoy the very comfortable weather at a balmy 78º today, I know not everyone is experiencing such warmth.  In fact, there are many cities in the United States … [Read more...]

Oriental Trading Makes It Affordable to Create Crafts

oriental trading 2

Oriental Trading is a great company for anyone looking for unique crafts and activities to do with their children. I have ordered from the company for years and was excited to get to work with them for a review. The Goodies I always find it difficult to figure out just what I am going to be ordering from Oriental Trading. This time I chose some items for my own children as well as for a … [Read more...]

Walk a Mile in a Shoebuy.com Shoe


Enjoy the warm weather comfortably and in style with a pair of new shoes from Shoebuy.com. Walk a Mile in a Shoebuy.com Shoe Ah, at long last spring is here, and for many of us, we say it’s about time.  Before you know it, summer will be upon us as well.  That means short or sleeveless shirts or blouses, shorts and sandals.  And what better way to celebrate spring and summer than … [Read more...]

Improve Your Life with Products from As Seen on TV


 Ways You Can Improve Your Live with As Seen on TV Products for Adult  There are always new gadgets and fun new products that you are likely to want to check out. The As Seen on TV line of products allows you to do just that. In fact you can find products that are going to help you to be able to improve your life in a number of different ways. 1.  See Things Clearly The Easy … [Read more...]

The Perfect Purse for Any Woman and Something Every Mom Needs


 What I Can Pack in My Lug Bag I am a mom so every time that I do not have something in my bag, I end up wishing that I did. The Lug Double Dutch bag (retail $81) has pockets and spaces for everything that I need and enough room to comfortably carry it all as well. Best of all the bag is super high quality and appears that it is going to last for a long time. I love bags but as a mom … [Read more...]

Look Your Best with Pro Naturals Hair Repair System


Don’t let the elements bring you down, replenish that damaged hair with Pro Naturals Hair Repair System. Look Your Best with Pro Naturals Hair Repair System Every woman will tell you that the most important part of their appearance is their hair.  If your hair is not exactly in place the way you want, your day doesn’t start off right.  The weather plays a vital part in how your hair … [Read more...]

As Seen on TV Products What Shines and What Falls Short


 So Many Surprises and So Much Fun I am sure if you have children that there are certain television commercials where your children become very animated. In our house these favorite commercials usually end with our children jumping up and down and screaming “I want that”....ALL DAY LONG!   The As Seen on TV brands are some of their favorite commercials because they offer such unique … [Read more...]

5 Things My Son Loves About The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes: Mutagen Mayhem


 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Back Again in Mutagen Mayhem which had a Release date of March 11, 2014 I can not begin to express how thrilled Huxley (my four year old) was when we received Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Mutagen Mayhem to review. He jumped up and down and begged to watch it soon after it had arrived.  You can purchase your own copy for just $9.99 from Target. … [Read more...]

Swatchy Pastry Watchy

review items 005

Oh, what is Swatchy Pastry Watchy?  Could it be something really good to eat or a totally delectable French pastry dessert?  Want to guess again?  How about a Swatch Watch with the designs from a pastry chef.  SWATCHS newest designs for spring and summer of 2014 are a combination of luscious chocolates and candies to temp any candy lover.   Swatchy Pastry … [Read more...]

Go Snap Happy with PhotoThrow


Do you need a special gift for a birthday or perhaps for an anniversary that is unique and made especially for you?  Let PhotoThrow help you out to get a one of a kind article that will make the recipient go Wow! Go Snap Happy with PhotoThrow It’s been a long hard winter for most of us.  Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to sway Mother Nature from the cold weather, but we can protect … [Read more...]

Kick Butts with Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes


Another Solution to Kick Butts with Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes   As you all know from my last post, I think that being able to quit smoking is an amazing thing. In celebration of National Kick Butts Day I wanted to work with e-cigarette companies to review some of their products and to share my husband's own stop smoking story. I am sure that his success would not have been possible … [Read more...]

EonSmoke E-Cigarettes Can Help You Celebrate Kick Butts Day


  A Look at EonSmoke Electric Cigarettes and How They Can Help You Kick Butts This Year Since I am new you are not likely to know me and know about my family. I am passionate about our family being a non-smoking family. I have never been a real smoker but I will admit to lighting up once or twice in social settings back in the day when all of my friends were smoking. I guess it was just … [Read more...]

6 Real-Life Lessons About Outdoor Games For Families.

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You don’t have to wait for summer to play outdoor games for families. Kids love simple activities such as throwing or kicking a ball around. With spring break & summer holidays just around the corner, my kids are becoming more antsy the closer it gets to their time off from school, us parents will be wondering how we’ll keep our little active babes entertained. Being outdoors is great for a … [Read more...]

Get The Party Started With Rollick!

get the party started

As someone who loves to entertain, there is one area I am lacking in.  While I usually have all the food and beverages taken care of, I always seem to have trouble coming up with something fun for my guests to do.  Thanks to The Game Chef, who provided me Rollick for review purposes, I can now make my parties complete.   GET THE PARTY STARTED, WITH ROLLICK! I admit, there … [Read more...]

Five Reasons We Love Our Twirly Dress from TwirlyGirl

dresses that twirl

My youngest daughter is not your average girly girl. A twirly girl yes, but girly girl no. When it comes to playing with her dolls, and dresses that twirl she is a girly girl, but she will also put on that dress that twirls and help her daddy fix his race car, play in the dirt, and climb trees. She reminds me a lot of me, but with my husbands attitude. Mattie loves the dresses that twirl, but I … [Read more...]

Life Is so much Easier With The Joovy Caboose Ultralight!!

Baby Stroller

Yes in deed, we love our Joovy Caboose Ultralight!! Anyone who has two or more kids can surely appreciate this wonderful ride on stroller! I can honestly say my life is so much easier with the Joovy Caboose Ultralight!! You all know I’m a busy, full-time Mima of two beautiful grandchildren and I'm proud to announce my third grandchild will be here soon!! Every day we are out & about walking to … [Read more...]

It’s Easy to Find your Way with Map my State


Are you proud of your country and state?  You can show your enthusiasm with Map my State. It’s Easy to Find your Way with Map my State Did you watch the winter Olympics on television recently?  Perhaps you even had a chance to attend one or more of the events in person.  What an experience to remember!  I envy those athletics for the stamina and courage as they spent many, … [Read more...]