The Green Kids Craft Box Provides Fun and Learning


  Great Craft Time, Making Something New   As you are all about to learn I love being able to craft and make new things with my children. I would be particularly happy crafting any time but when I get to craft and create something with the kids it is much more exciting and fun for me. My kids really love when they get to make something that they are going to use or something that … [Read more...]

Twelve Easter Crafts, Decorating Ideas, and DIY Fun!

Easter Crafts and Easter Decorating Ideas

Who is ready for Easter?  I know I am, NOT ready for Easter, lol.  It comes too quick every single year, but there sure isn't a whole lot we can do about it.  It doesn't matter whether I am ready or not, Easter is on its way and I need to get on the Easter craft, decorating and DIY fun wagon!  Don't you think?  Typically, I am posting things two months in advance, but not … [Read more...]

Your children will have hours of creative fun!


Summer is just around the corner and the children will be on summer vacation soon. I want to be sure my kids stay active and busy! We have our outside activities already planned, the inside activities can always use a fresh, new , fun approach. This is why I love Skwooshi. My kids will have hours of creative fun all year round!! Kids love to mold and create without a doubt! I love any toy or … [Read more...]

#BunnyTrail Easter Ideas: Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

Easter Ideas For Kids

I love Easter; there are so many reasons it’s one of my favorite holidays – pastel colors, eggs hunts, Easter Bunny, CANDY, and coming up with fun Easter ideas with my kids to name a few. My kids and I completed our first Rice Crispy Easter Basket Craft a few days ago.  My kids are so creative, they have all sorts of Easter ideas right now.  It’s not one of your normal Easter Basket … [Read more...]

Easy, Affordable Minion Valentine’s Day Box Craft With Kids

Affordable Valentine's Day Box Ideas

I love being home with my kids, and having the opportunity to make things like this Minion Valentine's Day Box craft with kids.  Vayda came home on Monday telling me that I needed to go to the store, right away.  Like stop cooking dinner and go to the store to get her a Valentine's Day box for school.  Come to find out she had forgotten to tell me that she needed to make a … [Read more...]

Fun Kids Valentine’s Day Recipe: White Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Valentine's Day Recipe

I cannot tell you how much fun the kids and I have had this year making all kinds of yummy Valentine's Day recipes!  I am honestly still in shock! I am in no way used to being home with my kids and having time for any type of cooking, baking, or crafting.  It's truly been a blessing, and allowed us to not only make awesome White Chocolate Covered Marshmallows for Valentine's Day, but … [Read more...]

Sweet & Easy Decorations for Christmas Using Holiday M&Ms

Make Christmas Decorations

I love being home with my kids, especially this time of year!  We have been baking our little hearts out, but the kids wanted to make their teachers something for Christmas that was sweet, but something they could also put on their tree!  While I was at the store the other day I picked up a few things in hopes that ideas would come lol.  Finally we decided to make a few different Sweet & Easy … [Read more...]

2 Fun #Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids!

two fun thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids

    I love doing crafts with kids, it's loads of fun, and I have jumped at the chance to help around Mattie's pre-pre-school.  Her teacher and I have come up with some fun Thanksgiving Turkey crafts for kids!  I have to say that's my favorite thing about Mattie's teacher, she's crafty.  She had some really awesome Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids up her sleeve.  I cannot wait for … [Read more...]

It’s Not Play-doh, It’s Not Clay, Hey, It’s Not Even Silly Putty…It’s Skwooshi!!

skwooshi logo 2

Just when I thought I had seen it all, here comes this neat new imaginative dough for kids. Welcome to modern times! It’s not clay, It’s not Play-do, it’s not silly putty It’s Skwooshi! What a fabulous fun cool gift for your whole family!! Skwooshi is a cool new parent approved imaginative dough that is fun for kids to play with! It will never dry out, best of all no more mess! I came across … [Read more...]

3 Positive Feng Shui Decorating Tips

different color flowers with bright green background

The ancient practice of feng shui is well-known among designers as a way to help turn homes into soothing havens that make homeowners feel peaceful, rejuvenated, inspired, and is great for decorating. Feng shui translates literally into “wind water,” and much like these two elements, it’s hard to explain, but you know it when you see and feel it. When you walk into a house with good feng shui, it … [Read more...]

11 Do It Yourself Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs!

halloween costume ideas

Are you looking for homemade Halloween Costume ideas?  Maybe you are a do it yourself Halloween person, or maybe you are like many other people and Halloween snuck up on you WAY to fast.  Either way, it's okay there is still time to make you own Halloween Costume for your dogs, and here is a great infographic to help get those Halloween Costume ideas started!11 Do It Yourself Halloween Costume … [Read more...]

Halloween EKK-Ology: Paper Crafts – Spiders and Bees, H M #EEKologist

two girls painting their paper mache bugs with black and yellow paint

This post brought to you by The Orkin Ecologist. All opinions are 100% mine. Bug have been used to scare me, lol.  Yes, my oldest daughter Catie loves bugs, she things they are cute and cuddly.  Okay, maybe not that far, but she does understand that all bugs have a purpose.  Rather than letting mom smash that spider, she will kindly take it outside, and tell me the reason for its existence.  I … [Read more...]

Bend and Build with BENDASTIX


Expand your child’s horizon using their imagination and a little help with BENDASTIX from Fibre-Craft.  What are BENDASTIX?  They are the newest kid’s soft construction activity kits - ½ arts & crafts and ½ construction toys – soft and squishy.  Instead of using a rigid block, brick or stick, simply give your child a BENDASTIX set and let their imagination flow. Bend and Build with … [Read more...]

Four DIY Scented Household Cleaning Sprays

Four DIY Scented Household Cleaning Sprays

If you like making your own homemade household cleaning products, then you will love these easy DIY household cleaning sprays. They are easy to make, all natural, and inexpensive too. All of these recipes call for essential oils. You can buy your favorite essential oils online or also in your local health food store. You may have to try a couple of different oils to find your favorite(s). … [Read more...]

Kids Can Have With Quality Writing Supplies, Art Supplies, and a Box!

kids having fun with a box

My kids and I are always up to something crazy and fun.  Whether it's mom coming up with a bright idea for a cute craft, or the kids find a box and decided to do something crazy.  I'm still not sure what the big deal is, but my kids love to play with boxes.  The bigger the box the better, don't you know!  Lucky for them in my line of work, we get plenty of boxes. I recently turned my kids loose … [Read more...]

DIY Demo: Tips and Advice

DIY Tips

Whether it’s a home renovation project or the complete remodeling of a recently purchased fixer-upper, demolition is likely going to be involved. Not surprisingly, many DIYers enjoy the demo process, as it is an excuse to go on a rampage -- smashing whole sections of building with blunt objects. Yes, there are few better stress relievers than a good bashing, but even something as heavily dependent … [Read more...]

Ready For The Unexpected B. Has Teamed Up With Jenns Blah Blah Blog!!

world ob B. 2

My child will play with just about any toy he can get his little hands on but I’m little picky when it comes to the toys he plays with!! Don’t misunderstand me there are some fabulous toys out there. I lean more towards their educational & learning values, that’s why I was ecstatic when World of B. teamed up with Jenns Blah Blah blog. B. has the most unique and colorful educational toys. We … [Read more...]

Simple Tips & Home Remedies To Use Around the House

home remedies

I am always on the lookout for home remedies and natural treatments to use around my house.  In my opinion they often work better than many things you spend top dollar on from the store.  Take baking soda for instance, it works for everything.  Okay, maybe not everything, but there is tons of home remedies for baking soda. Home remedies and natural treatments are awesome… in fact you will … [Read more...]