Love To Shop Online? 4 Safety Tips On Choosing Children’s Toys.

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Boy do I love shopping online especially with As Seen On TV Hot 10!! You know by now I’m big on children’s toys that help to promote & build their motor skills, anything actually being educational, to spark young imaginations. I’m always looking for great deals on name brand products and quality children's toys. I love when I can get a bargain shopping online or even something for almost … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Pick Wood Toys for Your Child


  Wooden Toys are Something Every Parent Should Keep in Mind   I was very excited to be able to work with North Star Toys because I think that handmade toys are the best thing in the world. Not only was this exciting for me but I am sure that come Easter morning that these will be very exciting toys for our three younger children. I looked at the toys together with my children … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Choosing A Safe Children’s Costume For Easter!

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As most parents that have a baby experiencing a holiday for the first time, we all want their first holiday to be as special and memorable as possible. Our little baby girl will be wearing the most adorable Little Lamb Children's Easter costume to our family gathering this year. We never thought to dress her in a cute children's costume for Easter, we want her to be comfortable and safe at the … [Read more...]

Help Your Child See the World with Safari LTD


  Safari LTD Helps Children Go On Adventures with Their Imaginations Safari LTD is well known for their high quality toys but when I was contacted by them I honestly did not realize how wide of an age range they provided toys for or that they had so many different options available for your child. There are many different lines of toys that you can choose from when you are looking at … [Read more...]

Is Tech Making Children’s Ride On Toys Better Or Worse?

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I can’t express enough the importance of children getting outside to play!! Now days since technology has ruled and the android world is upon us, it’s way too easy for a child to sit for hours playing on the computer, their tablets, and gaming systems. What do you think? Is Tech making children's ride on toys better or worse? We have a general rule in our home when it comes to technical devices … [Read more...]

3 Important Safety Facts About Children’s Android Tablets!

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As parents we all want to keep our children safe, especially when it comes to the internet and children's android tablets!! I may be showing my age, but during the 1975 Christmas season, Atari released a home version of Pong exclusively sold through Sears retail stores. Of course being a young child we just had to have one!! With that being said, since I’m someone that … [Read more...]

Great Suggestions For Choosing Children’s Personalized books.

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My Niko is my very first grandchild, so I wanted to give him something special to always remember me by. I had been browsing the web and came across so many different children's personalized story book companies it was almost ridiculous!! Good thing about that is, I have found some great suggestions for choosing children's books that I know you'll just love!! Honestly, I sat hours upon hours … [Read more...]

Why I LOVE Zeenie Dollz!!


  Moms everywhere are constantly talking about why they do not like certain popular blonde dolls. If you are one of these moms that does not appreciate other dolls then you will certainly be able to fall in love with the Zeenie dollz.   These dolls are not obsessed with shopping but instead are focused on being able to save the planet. What is better than teaching your daughter … [Read more...]

Locksies Dolls Allow Your Little Fashionista to Design


  Unique Dolls that Allow Your Child to Design the Clothes & the 5 Things that Althea Loves About Locksies Most  Disclaimer:  The packaging that you see in this picture is from the UK so there might be differences if you are in your stores. Locksies are an unique new doll that is just available on the US markets. We were sent a toy to sample but our packaging will look … [Read more...]

Reasons I Love the Bubble Guppies


  Reasons This Mom Loves Bubble Guppies I was recently sent the Bubble Guppies Animals Everywhere to review. I have to admit that I am very fond of the Bubble Guppies and while most parents might not share this same love I will share my reasons why. This DVD was released on March 11 and features a great storyline where your child gets to learn all about different kinds of animals. It … [Read more...]

Clean It, Fix It and Back to Play with me4kidz


Like my mother, I live by one motto to be prepared for anything.  me4kidz can help you too to be prepared for those accidents that occasionally happen to children. Clean It, Fix It and Back to Play with me4kidz Life happens. Yes, your children have mishaps where they have been injured, some times more seriously than others. Of course, for the major injuries you will go to your doctor or … [Read more...]

A Must Have for Every Spring Shopping List–Bogs Boots and Shoes


A Spring Must Have for Puddling Jumping Fun! I must admit that I am a big kid at heart. One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to take the kids around to puddles when the weather is warm enough and let them enjoy the simple joy of jumping in them. I personally try to find clean puddles that are not full of mud but either way the kids always have a good time. When I was given the … [Read more...]

As Seen on TV Products What Shines and What Falls Short


 So Many Surprises and So Much Fun I am sure if you have children that there are certain television commercials where your children become very animated. In our house these favorite commercials usually end with our children jumping up and down and screaming “I want that”....ALL DAY LONG!   The As Seen on TV brands are some of their favorite commercials because they offer such unique … [Read more...]

5 Things My Son Loves About The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes: Mutagen Mayhem


 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Back Again in Mutagen Mayhem which had a Release date of March 11, 2014 I can not begin to express how thrilled Huxley (my four year old) was when we received Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Mutagen Mayhem to review. He jumped up and down and begged to watch it soon after it had arrived.  You can purchase your own copy for just $9.99 from Target. … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Spring Style at Carter’s & $50 Gift Card #Giveaway! #CartersSpringStyle $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Come on spring!  I know I am not the only one who cannot wait for the days to continue to get longer, the weather to get warmer, and the clothing to get cuter and more colorful!  My kids are ready for spring, just ask them!  They will tell you!  We all love spring fashion for kids, for moms, and oh flip-fops!  Lucky for me, it’s already warming up where I live.  … [Read more...]

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your great diaper bag?

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My goodness I can’t begin to tell you how many diaper bags I have been through!! Picking the right diaper bag can be over whelming and exhausting especially since there are so many different styles to choose from. Are you getting the most out of your great diaper bag?? When shopping for a diaper bag I ask myself some simple questions like, Will this hold everything? Is it too heavy? Is it … [Read more...]

Your children will have hours of creative fun!


Summer is just around the corner and the children will be on summer vacation soon. I want to be sure my kids stay active and busy! We have our outside activities already planned, the inside activities can always use a fresh, new , fun approach. This is why I love Skwooshi. My kids will have hours of creative fun all year round!! Kids love to mold and create without a doubt! I love any toy or … [Read more...]

Five Reasons We Love Our Twirly Dress from TwirlyGirl

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My youngest daughter is not your average girly girl. A twirly girl yes, but girly girl no. When it comes to playing with her dolls, and dresses that twirl she is a girly girl, but she will also put on that dress that twirls and help her daddy fix his race car, play in the dirt, and climb trees. She reminds me a lot of me, but with my husbands attitude. Mattie loves the dresses that twirl, but I … [Read more...]