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DISCLOSURE9 App Social By Nokia   The Only Way To Find Must Have Apps #appsocialDiscover Apps With App Social by Nokia 1024x1024 App Social By Nokia   The Only Way To Find Must Have Apps #appsocialYou know me, I love all things techy, and enjoy apps that are beneficial personally and/or professionally.  I find tons of fabulous apps, apps I don’t like, and enjoy sharing what I find too.  Typically I don’t read app reviews before I download them, unless it’s from a trusted source – blog I follow, word of mouth, etc.  I’m more likely to trust a review from a professional user, than someone who downloaded the app and didn’t like it.  There needs to be a reason you don’t like the app – “Bad App” or “Great App” doesn’t work for me.  Since I don’t know who writes those review, or anything about them I want to know what didn’t you like about it, and why.  If you’ve ever read app reviews I think you’ll agree most of the responces are short, and don’t explain much.  Which is why I have so excited to share App Social by Nokia ( with you.  It’s app sharing at it’s finest.

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App Social by Nokia is an awesome app.  I have had fun learning how to use it from my sisters Nokia Lumia device.  Mine should be here in the next few days, and I cannot tell you how excited I am.  I love new phones, and trying new apps!  If you’re not using App Social and have a Nokia Lumia with Windows 7 or 8 you’re really missing out.

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App Social by Nokia for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Users

App Social is exclusively for Nokia Lumia users, it allows users to find must-have apps from a trusted source.  App Social is more than just an app, it’s a community where you get to know users, and find apps from someone you trust.  Users follow friends, and get to know other Nokia Lumia users by reading their bios, seeing them in the apps feed, recognizing them from the Leaderboard, and more.  It’s the best way to discover must-have apps for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

App Social App For Windows Phones Nokia Lumia Users AppSocial 614x1024 App Social By Nokia   The Only Way To Find Must Have Apps #appsocial

I haven’t had a whole lot of time on App Social yet, but I can tell you I love the idea.  Once my Nokia Lumia gets here it’s an app I will spend time using.  Think about all the great apps your missing.  What is the best way to find out about new apps?  Sure you could spend hours searching the app store, but a better solution is App Social.

app social find the best windows apps appsocial 614x1024 App Social By Nokia   The Only Way To Find Must Have Apps #appsocial

App Social allows users to download apps from a trusted source, rather than the trail and error method none of us have time for.  Imagine social networking, but rather than sharing what you had for lunch, you share apps.  App Social users can create custom lists with all their favorite apps, and follow other users lists.  Which is GREAT!  I have an App List called “Lumia Picture Apps I Love”, users can browse my App List, find out which apps I like, read why I like them, and choose an app that fits their needs based of my recommendations.   It’s perfect!

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How App Social Works

Like I said I haven’t used it App Social as much as I would like, but I have used it enough to know it’s a great app, with tons of benefits.  I feel am confident that other Nokia Lumia Windows Phone users will find it beneficial as well.  I will be sharing more about App Social, and my Nokia Lumia as I use it more.  Be follow my blog and look for the hashtag #appsocial on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also find me on App Social by searching for user “JennWorden”.

Never take apps from strangers, especially now that you can get them from a trusted source.  Many of you have been following me for a long time on my blog, and now you can follow me on App Social by typing in “JennWorden” in to find me and follow me.

Nokia is sending me a Nokia Lumia smartphone so I can become a savvy App Social users.  I’m super excited to put the Lumia to the test with the 41 megapixel camera.  I have always been a Windows Phone girl, I left the world of Android behind about a year ago for Windows.  I have used my sisters Lumia, and can tell you the phone is amazing!  It runs smooth like Windows devices do, and has that SLR camera that is just amazing!  Don’t worry I will be sharing more and more about the wonderful phone, and awesome apps I find using App Social the more I use it!  You can learn more about the Nokia Lumia, and App Social by visiting AppSocial.Nokia.

Be social and “Like” App Social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and and Download App Social.

What would be the first app list you would create on App Social?

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  1. lola says

    it is great to hear that, the apps are very important to me in order to choose a phone, and i thought nokia did not have much apps

    • says

      Lola Nokia has TONS of GREAT app to be honest I was super suprised with some of their apps they are some of the best ones I have messed with…. I love the camera apps

  2. Eihdra says

    Good thing Nokia has updated their apps! I also have a Nokia Lumia and will be browsing those apps as soon as the Christmas rush is over.. Thanks for the share! Happy Holidays!

  3. Tamarae Ellis says

    I am getting a new phone this holiday season and I will be needing great apps! Thanks for a great review on some fun apps!

    • says

      that is great, what phone are you planning on getting. I use several different phones, but am in love with my sister’s Nokia Lumia for sure. I cannot wait for mine to get here. it’s alwasy so much fun getting a new phone!

    • says

      Jasmine it’s a great way to find apps I have had a blast using it, found great apps, now I’m just waiting on my Lumia – I’m Hooked lol!! It’s such a great app I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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