6 Reasons I Prefer To Use UPS When I Mail My Packages!

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ups disclosure 6 Reasons I Prefer To Use UPS When I Mail My Packages!With the holidays right around the corner, and today being Cyber Monday today, I’m sure many of you are already shopping!  I know I’m doing some major shopping, but have you stopped to think about mailing your packages?  Mailing packages isn’t something I often forget, ONLY because I mail out giveaway items all year, and am lucky enough to have an account set up with UPS!  Honestly, I ended up with a UPS account because of the wonderful people who deliver packages to my house.  It’s a long story, so let me sum it up for you!

Reason I Choose To Use UPS For The Holiday Season 6 Reasons I Prefer To Use UPS When I Mail My Packages!See we have the absolute coolest UPS man and women where I live.  For the most part it’s normally the two of them who bring packages to my house, but there are a few others that fill in from time to time.  All of them are very nice, and go out of their way, but my family and I have developed a great relationship with two of them.

One of them has been my UPS man since I started working at Wells Fargo many moons ago, and over the past year I have developed an awesome relationship with our UPS lady.  Now I don’t work for Wells Fargo, I’m blogging full-time, and between packages coming in and going out I still see them both several times a week.  Which is great, they are both great people, and I always look forward to saying hi.  As a matter of a fact I bake them both goodies every year, and make them a candle for Christmas.

I’m not really sure how their routes work, but I love that we see them both, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate my UPS peeps!

6 Reasons I Prefer To Use UPS When I Mail My Packages!

The UPS Personal Touch – I realize everyone who delivers packages is in a hurry, and I respect that.  I can honestly say where I live UPS has been the ONLY ones who take the time to actually get to know me and my family.  They know my daughter’s name, and always tell her hi, and that matters to me.  Anyone who takes the time to put a smile on my kids face is going out of their way!  If she’s not at the door with me, they will ask where she is, and if she is okay.

My Friends at UPS – I might not invite them to my house, but I consider them my friends.  When my daughter was sick not long ago, guess who brought her a stuffed animal when they dropped off my package.  I received a package the day before, and my daughter was super sick.  The next day, guess what when I answered the door Mattie had a cute little dolphin stuffed animal that she loves and carriers around to this day.

My Two UPS Drivers Know My Name (They don’t call me Mrs. Worden) – Maybe it falls under personal touch, maybe it’s because my name is on the package, but they know my name.  Anytime I see them, I’m called Jenn, and I appreciate that.  They know I don’t want to be called Mrs. Worden, or Mam, because they have taken the time to get to know me and that I would rather be called Jenn, and that matters to me.

UPS Goes Above and Beyond The Call of Duty – They are the ONLY ones that have ever gone out of their way in order for me to receive my package.  I missed a very important package one time, it was on a day that they only worked until noon.  I called the UPS office, and the driver that had my box in their truck knew exactly which box was mine, and waited 15 minutes for me to run and grab it, and this wasn’t my normal guy or girl.  It was a UPS driver that fills in from time to time.  GREAT SERVICE, and it matters to me!

I Trust UPS – I have never had an issue with UPS, and anytime I have needed anything they have had knowledgeable people to help me.  I have never been put on the back-burner, treated like my time wasn’t important, or not called back.  I trust UPS, and know my package will get where it needs to go, and if I ever have a problem I trust that they will help me the best they can!!  Yes, it matters to me a whole bunch!

UPS NEVER Tosses My Packages – I’m not going to say any names, BUT I have had another place committed a drive by package tossing, not once but we are on the third office.  Nobody cares.  I understand they are in a hurry, but seriously how rude is it to drive by and toss my package into my yard. I wonder if they knew there was a $500 cell phone inside, or if they cared!  I did call and report for the third time, and I’m pretty upset that they have allowed it to continue!  Luckily UPS has never tossed my packages, they always hand them to me, or put them nicely on the porch, and this really matters to me!

I could go on and on, but I think it’s safe to say I do play favorites for several reason, but really it comes down to who cares most!  My experience, hands down is UPS, and they will get all my business!  Now if I could only control who everyone else used, at least when they shipped to me.  I hope all of you have had the same great experiance with UPS where you live, becuase UPS, doesn’t deliver just boxes, if you take the time to talk to your UPS man they deliver emotional connections as well.

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I’m not sure if you have already heard, but UPS is also doing a fun Pin It To Win It Campaign on Pinterest!  It’s going to be awesome, and I just know you are going to love it!  I’m really excited about this one, I admit it..  I just really love UPS, and want to see them have a ROCKIN Pin It To Win It Campaign, I admit it!

What’s on your list?  What holiday gifts do you have left to get this year, things you already have, whatever!  Create a Pinterest board that’s full of your favorite gift ideas for a chance to WIN 1 of 7 gift cards that are worth $100 or MORE!  Yepie, you have to love that for sure!  Entering if a breeze, just follow these steps!

Prizes for the UPS Pin It To Win It Campaign

  • 1 of 3 $100 gift cards from Online Shoes, or
  • 1 $150 e-certificate from Rent the Runway, or
  • 1 $100 gift card from E-Bags, or
  • 1 of 2 $100 gift cards from Wayfair

Winners will be picked based on originality (50%) and creativity (50%) of the items pinned to the board

  • The fun starts with creating your Pinterest boards with the name “UPS Delivers Holiday Gifts”
  • Next is more fun!  Start filling up that board with all your favorite holiday gift ideas!  DON’T FORGET to include #NotABox and #UPSHappy in the description for each pin so they can keep track of all your fabulous gift ideas!

It’s that easy, but you only have from 12/2/2013 until `2/16/2013!  The winning board will be selected based on originality and creativity!  If you want to see the complete rules and regulations you can visit Pressroom.ups.com/PinItToWinIt.

To help get you started here is a few of items I added to my “UPS Delivers Holiday Gifts” Pinterest board!

Follow Jenn Worden UPS Delivers Holiday Gifts #UPSHappy #NotABox on Pinterest
“This is a sponsored post with UPS and the Social Media Chicks. All opinions are my own.”

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  1. Rebecca Peters says

    My hubby works for Fed Ex lmao! I think maybe the main difference between them is that UPS pays hourly unlike Fed Ex who pays you by the day. And with the holidays around right now, he has been working his butt off, trying to drop off the packages as fast as he can, he still leaves at 5am-7pm (Which sucks because I put my daughter down for bed at 7 ad she isnt up at 5!) and xmas eve will be the latest day that he works. He doesnt even take a lunch break, he works straight through in hopes to get home to spend time with his family.

  2. says

    My UPS and my post office mail carrier were awesome when we lived in our last home. FedEx guy was very nice, too.

    Since moving to our apartment, though, I haven’t got to know the postman very well and what I have met of him suggests he’s not very friendly.

    Your post reminded me that I need to mail some stuff out!
    Jayne Townsley recently posted..Desktop Jellyfish Tank GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Deborah D says

    I use a wheelchair to get around and once I told the UPS man he has always waited for me to get to the door. Which is very nice of him. They do go out of their way to help people and are extremely polite.

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