22 Great Windows Phone Apps For Moms and Kids

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22 Great Windows Phone Apps For Moms and Kids 22 Great Windows Phone Apps For Moms and KidsI have been using a Windows Phone for the past year, and I love it!  In the beginning there wasn’t a whole lot of apps, but like anything else all good things come to those who wait!  Windows Phones now have just about any app that you can get on an Android or iOS device, and if it’s not there than it will be. Over the past year I have spent a lot of time playing with all the apps for Windows Phones.  I have found so mang great apps for kids, cooking, pictures, social networking, and all kinds of other great apps.  Today I downloaded an app that was perfect for moms and kids, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite Windows Phone Apps for Moms and Kids, and I thought I would share a few of the many that are available for in the Windows Phone App Store.

22 Great Windows Phone Apps For Moms and Kids

  • Immunization Record – Pretty much just like it sounds!  The Windows Phone app Immunization Record is very easy to use, and comes in handy for parents.  It’s nice to have all your child’s immunization records in the palm of your hand.  A great free Windows Phone app!
  • ParentAssist – This is a great Windows app for parents with newborns, infants, or toddlers.  Have you ever wanted to track your little ones activities?  I know I did, and some of it did, but if I wasn’t able to write it down in their little book right away it often didn’t happen.  Which is why this is such a great app for parents.  ParentAssist helps parents track their little ones important activates in a quick and easy way.  This app is $3.99, but like most Windows Phone apps you can try before you buy!
  • !RewardChart – This is one of my favorites.  I started using is a few weeks ago, and it’s been really helpful.  !RewardChart is an easy way to reward your children for good behavior and keep them motivated.  It’s easy to use!  Set up your kids profile, select tastes from iRewardChart’s list of suggestions, and reward your kids based on their accomplishments using!  When you child earn stars they can pick from a list of suggested rewards, or you can customize with your own reward lists for each of your children.  Cost is $3.99 with the try before you buy feature.
  • Moody Marty – This is a free app for your Windows Phone, it allows parents to track thier mood, or let your little one use the app to show you how they are feeling today.  This is an easy to use app, and it’s kind of fun to track your mood over time. Not to worry if you are frustrated the app is easy to use, shows your recorded mood history with a bright bubble chart, allows user to share their mood via Facebook, Twitter or email, and when you pin to your start screen the app will show your last recorded move on the life tile.
  • Birthday Diary – Another great free Windows Phone app that I couldn’t live without is Birthday Dairy.  I don’t know about you, but I have too many birthdays to remember them all.  Plus the day I stopped working was the day I stopped tracking the date, lol.  Birthday Diary is an awesome app for keeping track of birthdays.  It can read and display them from your phone contact, as well as your Facebook account.  You can add custom birthdays, anniversaries, as well as see upcoming birthdays, customize the life tile so you can see what’s coming up, and more.
  • Baby Book – This app cost $1.99, but parents can try before they buy.  It’s a great app to help parents keep up with their child’s early year activates.  Parents can mark events, measurements, and ultrasound measure, add images to events, connect with SkyDrive so everything is backed up.  Parents can keep more than one book, share event using social media networks, and more!
  • Honest Baby – Chart your child’s daily activities, development, feeding, diaper changes, grown, sleep, and so much more.  Honest Baby is a free apps for busy parents.
  • Baby Toy – Toddlers love to play with phones.  Now parents can build an easy game for their toddler that allows them to touch the screen, listen to entertaining music, and look at the bright images playing on the screen.  Included 20 tracks, more than 30 images, and it’s free.
  • Baby Monitor – This is a great apps for parents who want to hear, and see how their baby is doing.  Baby Monitor allows parents to turn their phone into a baby monitor to keep an eye on their little one while they are sleeping.  Create an interference-free secured connect between your phone and PC for audio and video monitoring.  This really is a cool app, which turns your phone into a baby monitor with all the bells and whistles.

best windows phone apps for kids and aprents 22 Great Windows Phone Apps For Moms and Kids

  • Best Apps For Kids & Parents – This is a free Windows Phone app that allows parents to find apps according to age, or categories.  All the apps are hand-picked by WPMom, who is a mom of two and has a background in education, and UX design.
  • Timeout – This is a free app that helps parents be consistent with disciple in or out of the house.  Add your kid’s names, birthdays, and picture, and touch your kid’s picture to bring up an options to start a time out, edit, or cancel.
  • Parenting Teens – If you have a teen you already know it’s not easy, and I don’t know about you, but I will take all the help I can get.  This app is a guide that provides parents tips.  This is a paid app, but if you find one tip that helps its money well spent.
  • Smart Parenting – We all want to be smart parents, right?  This apps helps parents with encouragement, positive reinforcement, praises, things to avoid, and tons more information.  I have found this app helpful, and often read through it while sitting in the doctor’s office, when there are no children to distract me lol.
  • Mobile Mommy – This is a free app that helps moms with tracking formula, nursing, as well as diaper changing.
  • Modern Mommy – This is a free app that provides parents with inspiration, original, real content for moms, by moms.
  • Checklist with Email Confirmation – One of my favorite apps, and it only costs $0.99.  I use it for everything!  This is a great app for parents, professionals, or anyone else who doesn’t want to forget things.  Create a checklist, when all of the items have been marked as complete or skipped the list is emailed to you.
  • Breastfeeding Guide – This app is $3.99, and provides new moms with breastfeeding basics, preparatory work, tips on getting comfortable, as well as common problems, special concerns and more.
  • Simply Shopping – GREAT APP! I don’t go to the store without it, especially with kids.  This is a shopping list app that simplifies shopping, and if you shop like me it will save you money because you’re not purchasing unneeded items.  You can pin your list to your start screen, and the live tile will show how many items are still needed.  You can pin individual store lists to your start screen, and calculate costs of items bought, and email or text your shopping list.  It’s also backed up by your SkyDrive.
  • Voice Notes – I have found this free app to be useful for those times when you cannot write something down.  Whether it’s a reminder to make the kids a doctor’s appointment, or an idea for a blog post Voice Notes is great.  I have also used it for interviews.  It’s an easy to use voice recorder that helps user remember to do this.
  • Skype – Most of you are probable familiar with this free app that allows users to make free Skype to Skype video and voice calls, as well as sending messages to friends and family all over the world.
  • Birthday Party Ideas – This app is $3.99 and helps with event planning, invitations, making a great party for kids and adults, as well as planning.
  • 52 School Lunches – This app runs $2.99 and has 52 school lunch ideas for parents to make their kids.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to a Windows Phone I say do it, I have used several different ones over the past year and love them!  If you are already using a one which Windows Phone Apps are your favorite?

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  1. Erika says

    It’s good to hear they are getting more apps. I was considering it in the past, but they didn’t have a lot. I was just telling my mom about the pbone – we’ll have to check it out once again.

  2. Cynthia Cover says

    I love all those apps, I wish I had a smart phone, but I don’t know about paying the monthly cost. Sometimes I wonder if I am missing out, but then remember that we all did okay without smart phones or cell phones for that matter for years.

    • Mary says

      You’d be surprised how cheap some of the monthly plans on. I have a Windows Phone on ATT Prepaid. I don’t talk a lot on my cell, so I went with the lowest plan. I pay 25 a month for 250 minutes and unlimited texting. I opted to not go with a data package. I’m finding that most of the apps I use away from home don’t need the Internet.

  3. Birdiebee says

    I am really interested in the Voice Notes app. I just got a smartphone and really want to be able to use it to its full potential. There are so many times I do not have a pen and paper to write important things down. I am going to check this one out immediately.

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