17 Places To Get FREE Blog Planner Printable’s

jennsblahblahblog discosure policy 17 Places To Get FREE Blog Planner Printables

Kozzi yellow adhesive paper with colorful paper clips 294x441 17 Places To Get FREE Blog Planner PrintablesI have to admit I’m not the most organized person in the world.  My goal for 2013 is to become more organized when it comes to my blog.  I figure it’s a new year, and a fresh start for me.  I have used my Google Calendar to help me keep track of my giveaways, sponsored posts, etc.  I have also learned that I am more of a paper person, it’s the way I keep track of everything at work and have for years and year.

I’ve been doing some research and ran into some great blog planners that will help me keep myself organized this year.  I’m pretty excited about using a blog planner to help track my income and expenses, as well as organizes my posts, giveaways, reviews, etc.   Since my blog has been growing I feel like I always have something to do, and hate the fact that I have to log on and go to my Google Calendar to look and see what I have going.  I NEED PAPER!  I need something in front of me that easy to get to.  I want to come sit down at my desk, and look at my calendar without having to sign on to my computer sometimes.  Call me old school, but it’s me and the way I function.

Here’s a few great FREE Blogging Planner Printable’s that you can use too.  Let’s all start the New Year out right, and become more organized.

  • Review and Giveaway Information Chart – This Simply Home has a fabulous printable to help you keep track of your review and giveaway information.  Head over to This Simple Home.
  • Blog Planner Printable – I think this is one of the ones I personally am most excited about.  I am looking forward to planning better when it comes to my blogging business.   If you’re looking for something to help you start planning I think you’re going to love this blogging planner.  There’s just about everything you’re going to need and then some.  Swing by Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  • Blog Planner – This is also a fabulous Blog Planner, that’s free.  There’s everything you’re going to need and then some.  There is 60 pages to this blog planner and it includes everything from room to track giveaways and reviews to a mileage sheet.  Hurry over and grab it from Homeschool Creations.

Here’s a few more AWESOME Paid and Free Blog Printable’s that I think you’re going to find very useful.

  • Blog Planner – Get your FREE Printable to help plan your blog posts from SITS Girls

There’s a lot of Free Blog Planners to choose from.  Find the blog planner printable that fit your needs and download them.  I have a super cute binder to start our my New Year as an organized blogger.  If you’re little blog is expanding into a business it’s time to start getting organized, and thanks to these fabulous bloggers we can do it for free.

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