11 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

jennsblahblahblog discosure policy 11 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

276380757 1ac950f28f 11 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Your BlogI spend most of the day yesterday cleaning up my blog, and got rid of plenty of plugin.  On another note I have have a few WordPress Plugin that I really like, and I feel are essential for my blog.  If you are looking for WordPress plugins for your blog I have come up with a list of my favorite.  Since I’ve learned so much more about blogging, there’s some plugins that I upgraded, didn’t need anymore, or just wanted to try something new.  However, there’s still several plugins that I don’t think I will ever replace.  Well, unless for some reason I am forced to.  I wanted to share some awesome WordPress Plugins for Bloggers!

11 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

Broken Link Checker - This is an awesome WordPress Plug-in, that does just what it says.  Broken Link Checker checks your WordPress blog for any links that are not working, images missing, deleted YouTube videos, and other link issues.  Broken Link Checker will notify you with any issues via email.  You can also view any broken links from your dashboard.

Google Analytics for WordPress - Google Analytics for WordPress is a great plugin that tracks your WordPress site.  With Google Analytics for WordPress you’re able to view views per author and category, track outbound clicks, page views, and more.  It’s a great plug-in for tracking some valuable information right from your WordPress site.

Google XML Sitemaps - It’s an awesome plugin.  That’s just that!  Google XML Sitemaps generates a XML Sitemap that helps search engines such as:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask.com

W3 Total Cache - W3 Total Cache is great and improves the speed and use experience of your site.  It’s simple to use and so powerful.  This plugin adds browser, page, database, and object caching.  W3 Total Cache also improves your site at least 10x reducing download times, cashing of your site, and sending transparent CDN integration.

SEO Friendly Images - SEO Friendly Images will automatically give your photos.  Having SEO Friendly Images on your blog can help improve search engine results.  With better search results comes more traffic.  We all want more traffic.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin - Yet Another Related Posts Plugin helps increase engagement.  After you’ve installed Yet Another Related Posts plugin there will be a list of posts and/or pages related to the current posts, recommending other content on your blog to the reader.

WordPress SEO by Yoast - If you’re a WordPress user, you may already be using Yoast powerful SEO plug-in.  Yoast is an “all in one” SEO Plugin, with plenty of options to choose from.  You’ll enjoy awesome features such as:

  • Snippet preview
  • Page Analysis
  • Meta Description

To name a few, but don’t forget it also recently upgraded adding a traffic light.  When its green button is lit up, “GO” your site is SEO ready.  This plug-in is wonderful and will really help you be certain your blogs SEO is correct, but at the same time it can teach you a lot about what’s important when dealing with SEO.

WordPress Mobile Pack - WordPress Mobile Pack is a great plug-in to help mobilize your blog.  You have the ability to customize this plugin a bit more than some of the others available.  You’re able to choose a the mobile theme, extra widgets, and device adaptation.  It’s a great plugin to help make your blog mobile.

User Switching - This is a great WordPress Plugin if you share a blog with someone.  Most of you know my husband and I both write on Simply Shawn & Jenn, this makes it an easy switch.  The functionality of this plug-in is simple.  All one has to do is switch between user profiles by clicking.  For our situation this plug-in comes in very handy.  Normally I’m signed in, and Shawn just wants to write a review.

Easy Recipe - This is a great plugin that formats your recipes.  I don’t post to many recipes anymore, but when I do it’s important they are posted correctly.  Easy Recipe makes posting your, great tasting recipe a breeze.

Comment Luv - Comment Luv has awesome features, if you decided to install the pro version of Comment Luv you have access to ever more great features that can bring in extra traffic to your blog.

Sexy Bookmarks - Sexy Bookmarks is as awesome as it sounds.  It’s a powerful plugin that allows your readers to share content on just about any social media network.  Sexy Bookmarks has a clean, organized look and feel to it.  It’s easy to use, and looks fabulous on any blog.  This is one plugin I use on all of my blogs.  If you visit any of my blogs you’ll see Sexy Bookmarks at the bottom of all posts and pages.  Users can customize which social media buttons to use, placement, and what it says.  On Jenns Blah Blah Blog it says “Sharing is Sexy.”  Isn’t it thought?!?!?! There’s so many WordPress Plugins available for download, which can make it difficult to choose what plug-ins will drive your WordPress blog to the next level.  So how do you choose the best plug-ins?  Do you  go based off what another blogger recommends, your read online, or are you like me it’s a little of reading, recommendations, research, and trial and error. Which WordPress plugins for your blog could you not live without?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. bianca roman says

    I’m in the process of getting my blog in order, so these plug-ins are very helpful! I can’t wait to get into it and find ones I can’t live without! Thanks!

  2. says

    These are a wonderful start for me–I have some of these already and am looking forward to getting more of them integrated into my site. Thank you for the suggestions! I’m still fairly new to WP.

  3. says

    I may have to check out comment luv. I don’t use wordpress so I ‘m not sure that these plugins would apply to me? Anyway,, like you, I like to go through and clean up my site once in awhile.

    Thanks for stopping by the other day!
    Cheers, Jenn

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