10 Ideas to Overcome Writers Block or Bloggers Block

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If you’re a writer, I’m sure you’ve suffered from writers block.  Bloggers, you too can suffer from writers block.   I’m sure you’ve run into that time when you sat down to write something and you’re mind went blank.  If you’re a blogger, you’re a writer don’t sell yourself short.  There’s a such thing as writers block for bloggers, we call it bloggers block.  You write all the time, it happens.

If you sit down to write, there’s probably been that time when your mind has gone blank.  You sit staring at the keyboard, start to write something, before you know it delete, delete, delete.  There you sit again, nothing comes to mind.  If it hasn’t happened to you yet, that’ great, I wish you luck that it doesn’t, but if and when it happens where do you find  inspiration?  There’s several things you can do to help you find that little bit of fire you need to get your thoughts going and fingers moving.

Be Open Minded:

Be open-minded, look at the world around you for inspiration.  Why did you start writing, is there something that comes to mind that can kick-start writing?  If you’re open-minded you might run into something great that you mind not have thought about.

Keep a notebook:

Keep a notebook with you at all times, keep your notebook in your handbag, or somewhere you’re always going to have access to it.  Have you ever been in the grocery store and something awesome comes to mind.  You make a plan to write-up a post about your great topic.  By the time you get home and sit down to work, BAMMMM it’s gone just like that. There you sit pecking at your keyboard, looking for inspiration.

Keep your notebook with you, when those great ideas come to mind write them down.  You don’t have to go into great detail, just enough to remind you.  If you keep a notebook, before you know it you’ll have a huge selection of great topics to choose from on those days when your mind goes blank.


I know what you’re thinking, BLOGGERS DON’T SLEEP.  Sleep is important in all aspects of life, your minds sharper and able to think better.  If you’re planning on thinking, sleep is one of the most important tools.  It’s hard to write quality material on a few hours of sleep.

Step Away:

If you’re pecking at the keyboard, get up and go do something else.  Sometimes stepping away from the your computer will help generate ideas.  Listen to music, watch TV, play with the kids, sit outside, whatever you do maybe you’ll find something that inspires you.

Browse Other Blogs:

Stop by and check out other blogs, there’s always great posts.  I’ve been inspired the most by reading other bloggers work, they have great ideas, unique posts, and you have something in common with them.   The love of writing a unique, quality post.

Read Essay Papers:

Check out essay papers at places like StudyMode.com.  I know you’re not writing an essay, you’re a writer, not a teacher.  There’s often great information and plenty of topics to choose from.  Take some time and browse through their selection, get your brain going and it’s likely you’ll find something inspiring to write about.  You can often find information on entertainment, sports, news, media, business, computers, and just about anything else you can think of.  It’s a great place to have many different topics at your finger tips.

Eat Healthy:

Don’t forget to eat healthy.  That’s fuel for your body and brain.  If you don’t feed your body healthy foods, your brain isn’t performing at its full ability.  Eat regularity and eat healthy to maximize your thought process.

Write at Your Peak Time:

Everyone has a time of day when their mind is sharpest and they are at their best.  Do you know when you’re is?  Are you an early bird or an afternoon speedster?  Find your best time of day and be sure and take full advantage of it.  You’ll be surprised how much easier things go if you’re working at your best time of day.

Listen to Music:

Music can be calming or spark up the energy.  If you’re lacking energy and excitement put on something that makes you want to move.  If you’re in the right frame of mind writers block will soon be something of the past.

Write About Something That Matters:

Write about something that you care about.  If you focus on something that matters to you, it’s easier for ideas to flow.  Before you know it, you’ll need to cut it short.  It’s normal to write better about something you care about, your readers can also feel what you’re saying more, than if you just write something because you have to.  Don’t loose your readers by writing about something you don’t care about, believe it or not people feel your words.

There’s several things you can do to help overcome writers block or bloggers block.  Find what works best for you.  When you begin experimenting with different methods, remember one at a time so you know what works and what doesn’t.

What are some ways you’ve overcome writers or bloggers block.  I would love to hear them.  We’re all in this together, let’s share some of our tips, and help one another succeed and overcome writers and bloggers block.

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    THank you so much for this post. Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Not knowing what to say on my new blog tonight had me searching other blogs to kill some time and see how often you all post. I just found your blog and love it! Thanks. Feel free to check out my fairly new one.

    • says

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I love reading comments nothing makes my day more than awesome comments such as yours… some days it is hard to know what to write about, sometimes visiting your old posts is a great way to help and you could link back to that blog post and maybe bring it back to life a little… theres all kinds of ways just have to find what works for you! thank you for stopping by I value you and your comment very much

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