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5 Tips For Choosing A Safe Children’s Costume For Easter!

As most parents that have a baby experiencing a holiday for the first time, we all want their first holiday to be as special and memorable as possible. Our little baby girl will be wearing the most adorable Little Lamb Children's Easter costume to our family gathering this year. We never thought to dress her in a cute children's costume for Easter, we want her to be comfortable and safe at the same time. A bit later in my review I will share with you 5 tips for choosing a safe children's Easter … [Read More...]


Diono Can Help You Shop for the Perfect Car Seat

  Top Tips for Buying a Car Seat Know the Type of Car Seat that Your Child Needs When you have a newborn there are two different options that will be available to you, unless you have a premature infant and then in some cases a special car seat might need to be purchased. The two common types of car seats for infants are the infant bucket seat or the rear facing convertible seat. The Diono Radian RXT (retail $339.00) offer the ability to transport a newborn home from the hospital … [Read More...]


Protect Little Eyes from the Sun’s Harsh Rays with Julbo Sunglasses

Unique Protection for Little Eyes Julbo Sunglasses offer protection for even the tiniest eyes and are a great product to have for your own child. Looking at my husband squinting in the sun drives me crazy. I have always been one to wear sunglasses, more because I am paranoid about wrinkles and I do not want to age myself than anything else. One look at my husband would tell you that he was not as careful about wearing sunglasses as I have been. He has vision problems so obviously this would … [Read More...]


Five Tips to Help Busy Moms Do Their Hair and a Look at Flat Iron Experts

  Just In Time for My New 'Do I was contacted by Flat Iron Experts just in time to help me celebrate my new hairdo. I had been contemplating doing something different with my hair for a while. I was in bad need of a cut because my hair was very uneven as I was still growing out the last cut that I had which was an angular cut. Well it has been a long time since then. Honestly that time I donated 13 inches of hair to have a wig made and this time I was not in the mood for a big … [Read More...]

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Adooka is a Brand that Althea Loves as Much as I Do

  Comfortable Kids Clothing with Tons of Style   I love finding high quality children's clothing brands. I also love being able to find brands that are organic and feature high quality materials and sustainable business practices.  I have found that organic materials do not feel like anything else and Adooka offers a full line of clothing that is organic.  I know that this might sound odd to some but I like knowing that companies have moral business practices. This is … [Read More...]

Weight Loss 6 things to think about before dieting

Weight Loss: 6 Things To Think About Before Starting a Diet

Weight loss, what a fun subject!  I think there is a point in almost every women life when they want to lose weight, at least once, but for most of us I am guessing it’s something that we have dealt with several times.  Losing weight is not easy, and there is not a magic pill out there that will help lose weight fast.  It sure would be nice though, to wake up every morning take a pill, go on about your day, and in a week drop 10 pounds.  It wouldn’t take long to lose all … [Read More...]

Five Things You Might Not Know About Prize Candle

5 Things You Might Not Know About Prize Candle

By now most of you know how much I love candles, especially the ones with the jewelry in them – Prize Candle!  Yes, those of you thinking about a Mother's Day gift idea, or just a gift idea for her be sure to check out Prize Candle!  I have always been pretty lucky and received a nice piece of jewelry in my candles.  I do not know if I am just easy to please, because it’s like getting something AWESOME free inside something I would purchase regardless.  Most of the rings I … [Read More...]

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Make Diaper Changes Easier with Zip It!

 Adorable Clothes that Make Diaper Changes Simple When my children were younger and in diapers I wish that I had heard of Zip It. I hated diaper changes when they were babies because I hated having to go through the process of taking their clothes off and putting them back on. Thanks to the makers of Zip It this can be easier for moms and babies alike. Tips for Easy Diaper Changes Changing diapers can be overwhelming and really is not something that is always fun. It can be a real … [Read More...]


Tips for Reconnecting with Your Husband and The Fantasy Box Can Help

This blog post is rated PG 13...please read responsibly.   I was excited when my husband and I were sent a Fantasy Box in the mail.   The Fantasy Box contains everything that you need to create a new fantasy of your own. In fact there are not only all of the tools, treats, and appropriate costumes but there are also instruction cards where you and your spouse (or partner) are able to learn a new fantasy that you can act out.   Our box contained a number of goodies … [Read More...]

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Go Around the World without Ever Leaving Home with Try the World and Save $10 When You Buy Now

 Try The World Whisked Me to a Far Off Place and It Can Do the Same for You I was very excited when I was notified that I would be able to work with Try the World and would be receiving one of their boxes in the mail. I love trying new things and I love the idea of themed boxes from different countries. When the Try the World box came in the mail I was instantly impressed because the packaging was so clever. I love cute little boxes and this one is definitely going to be kept around … [Read More...]